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    “6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Claims 37 Lives in Nepal, Rattles North India”


    "6.4-Magnitude Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Claims 37 Lives; Tremors Felt in North India"

    In a devastating seismic event, a powerful 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, claiming at least 37 lives, according to reports from the Associated Press (AP). The tremors were felt not only in Nepal but also in several parts of North India, including Delhi, Noida, Gurugram, and Bihar. However, local officials have not yet reported any major injuries or severe damage resulting from the earthquake.

    The National Centre for Seismology (NCS) identified the epicenter of the earthquake as Nepal, with a depth of 10 kilometers. The sudden jolts sent people in Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) rushing out of their homes as buildings shook. Notably, this marks the third time in a month that Nepal has experienced a significant earthquake.

    In Jajarkot district, which is near the earthquake’s epicenter, Suresh Sunar, a top official, shared his observations: “This was a big earthquake. We have heard some damage to houses. We are collecting details. So far, no reports of human injuries. Police and army have been mobilized to assess the situation.”

    Reports from social media users indicated that the earthquake was also felt in northern cities such as Lucknow. This event comes after a 5.6-magnitude earthquake struck Doti district in November 2022, resulting in six casualties, not far from Jumla.

    It’s worth noting that Nepal has faced devastating earthquakes in the past. In 2015, a 7.8-magnitude quake claimed nearly 9,000 lives and destroyed over half a million homes.

    The recent earthquake in Nepal caused alarm in North India, with people recalling previous instances of seismic activity. On October 15, the Delhi-NCR region experienced strong tremors, and on October 3, similar jolts were reported. In the most recent event, the estimated magnitude was 3.1, with its epicenter near Haryana’s Faridabad, at a depth of 10 kilometers. Residents in the affected areas shared their experiences of the earthquake, with many feeling a sudden and alarming sense of unease, prompting them to evacuate their homes to ensure their safety.

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