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    83-year-old Ashok Malik implores his hero, PM Modi, to help in getting fair compensation from HUDA for his land acquired in 1999.


    83-year-old Ashok Malik implores his hero, PM Modi, to help in getting fair compensation from HUDA for his land acquired in 1999.

    Sumant Singh

    Eighty-three-year-old Ashok Malik, a retired corporate executive who is an ardent admirer of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, wishes he was there during his growing days. His strong leadership, focus on development, vision, and, most importantly, unflinching upholding of Sanatan culture.

    Malik has a grievance that, if not resolved, will cause injustice to others. Modi ji is against injustice to anyone; Malik requests justice for him and lakhs of other rural landowners. Through his own experiences, he wants to express the pain and anguish of farmers and rural citizens. Previous governments and leaders have not taken the initiative to resolve this gross injustice. Malik hopes the current government will get him justice before his last day.

    The crux of the issue is the land acquisition policy without adequate compensation paid timely at fair market value. Malik faced years of struggles in litigation. He received a small amount in 2022, less than 50% of what he was legally entitled to. His children requested that he stop travelling to Chandigarh because of his age and health. Malik feels acceptance of injustice is like committing crime; he is determined to continue struggling for justice till his last breath.

    According to documents, Ashok Malik and his wife purchased 2.7 acres of land in the village of Saketri, Panchkula. He planned to build a Naturopathy Resort. Malik engaged an architect in 1998 and paid an advance for making drawings. He had decided to sustain his family after retirement from the resort, in addition to benefiting nearby residents.

    Land was bought at Rs. 10 lacs per acre and registered at Rs. 11.55; as Tehsildar stated, the published circle rate for the entire land of village Saketri was Rs. 11.55 lacs per acre.

    The government of Haryana acquired 482 acres of land for public purposes (extension of housing, etc.) on March 16, 1999. Malik’s 2.7 acre land was part of this.

    Compensation was declared on September 10, 2003. Rates for village Saketri were far below the published circle rate. The Land Acquisition Officer (LAO) offered three different rates, though the published circle rate stated one rate for the entire land of village Saketri. Does it not amount to cheating rural land owners?

    The Act provides a ‘rate of compensation to be calculated averaging land prices in the area for the past 3 years’. No transaction could have taken place below the circle rate. If the Haryana government had raked in registration charges of Rs. 10.5 lacs per acre for 97/98 and Rs. 11.55 lacs per acre for 98/99, why was the award lower than these rates?

    Landowners appealed for justice in the District Court, Panchkula. The Hon. ADJ decided a rate of Rs. 374 per square yard for the entire land of village Saketri on 12.12.2012. Mr. Malik requested HUDA (Haryana Urban Development Authority) to pay as per court order. No response from HUD has ever been received.

    A copy of the request sent by LAO to Administrator HUDA for releasing Malik’s dues was received by Malik in August 2016: “As per court order, ‘X’ amount is due to Malik; be released”. Malik wrote to the HUDA admissory, accepting it; HUDA did not pay. Malik then appealed to the Hon. HC for condoning delay in having his name included in the list of those who had appealed for a higher rate. Hon. HC was pleased to grant his request.

    HC advised DJ to rework this matter within 6 months. ADJ then fixed a rate of Rs. 511 per square yard in 2016. HUDA appealed against this order.

    The Hon. HC ordered on May 27, 2020, a final rate of Rs 494 per square yard. Malik has not received at this rate as full & final settlement so far.

    In order to avoid repetition of such sad incidents, the Hon. Chief Justice of Punjab and Haryana High Court is requested to advise the judicial system to probe this issue and identify the official who continued harassing a senior citizen. Someone stooped low to violate the SCI order, stating, ” Acquired land cannot be used for any other purposes than what it was acquired for.”

    Mrs. Usha Malik, co-owner, did not receive payment from HUDA during her lifetime. Ashok is now 83. He suffered a heat attack in April 1987 and underwent heart bypass surgery. He feels Huda has been delaying payment of his dues, waiting for him to die.

    Land particulars.. Khewat No. 294/2005, Khasra No. 161—13/1, 18/2, 22/1, and 23, Hadbust No.

    376. Acquired wide Gazette Notification No. LAC (P) NTLA_99/1181 Dated March 16, 1999, Section 4; and on March 15, 2000, Section 6.

    Disclaimer: The information and views expressed in this narrative are based on the personal experiences and claims of Ashok Malik regarding his land acquisition dispute with the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA). The details provided reflect Mr. Malik’s perspective and are intended to share his personal journey in seeking fair compensation for his land. This account does not independently verify the legal, financial, or procedural accuracy of the events described. Readers are encouraged to consult official sources for verification and to understand the broader context of land acquisition laws and policies in Haryana, India. The story is shared with the intent of highlighting an individual’s struggle for justice and does not represent a comprehensive overview of the land acquisition process or the involved parties’ policies and actions.

    For requests regarding the removal or modification of content, please feel free to approach us directly.

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