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    A world of Monika Kanojiya: Believing yourself to fight for dreams.


    A world of Monika Kanojiya: Believing yourself to fight for dreams.

    Monika Kanojiya, a pharmacists by mind and writer by heart. She loves to express herself around life quotes, motivation and goals, friendship, love, life and being human. Writing is her passion; one can find her poetry on Instagram. She started her writing journey during the pandemic with a dream to become an author one day.

    In 2020, she battled with depression, insomnia and anxiety. In those difficult days, she decided to post a poem and letter called ‘DREAM FLIGHT’ with a hope to help and support people who were going through the same issues. She decided to write and share her opinion with like-minded people. She was dreaming to understand everyone’s feelings and emotions and their journey to win that battle.

    “In this universe no one will believe in you easily, but when you start believing in yourself, you can win this world.”

    Monika holds a degree in Bachelors of Pharmacy. She currently resides in Gujrat (Vapi). Her dreams are to inspire people and take them forward, to forget their past and live their present and work for the future.

    When your dreams are big,

    Then all the troubles automatically become small” ~ Monika


    We all known that everyone has their own ambitions. To achieve them, we all face some troubles in life. But one needs to understand that your goal is not only connected with your family, but also with your feelings.

    I know that you face troubles in life, but you have many dreams and passions too. You are also excited to know what you want in life. But sometimes, it’s difficult to choose between your ambition and what your family excepts from you. But your choice is both, ambition and family. If your plan is good for your future, then do it. Life is a one-time event, so live it to the fullest.

    My people, if you are choosing a right destination to reach your goal, then family will always be ready for you and appreciate you. So don’t be harsh to your life because of others who say you can’t do it. When you believe in your own self and path, then nobody can change your mind and destination.

    In this era, many people are given advice by speech, motivational speakers and other platforms. These options are good, but you feel that you are failing at it, the best way is to take some time for yourself and figure it out. I know how a person feels inside in such times, but they never share because they are scared to tell other people. You might think what he/she will think about you, but if you don’t share your story, it will develop a heaviness in the heart. This may result in anxieties, depression and sleepless night. Everyone needs a person who listens by her/his heart, who feels the same as you and understands your situation. But in this generation, it is difficult to find such a person. But yeah, if you find your soulmate in you, then you can achieve anything. In this era, don’t focus and depend on others. All humans are not in your favor. What you do totally depends on you. So, work for your future. If your ambition is true, then no one can beat you.

    I know sometimes you need a one person who can listen to you carefully. When you are hurt by a loved one, you start feeling lonely. In such times, you need to calm down, take a deep breath, close your eyes and spend some time alone. Try to concentrate on your pending hustles. A loved one, who often listens to you, might make you dependent. So, do not depend on an object or a person. If you are hurt and broken, share your story with a person who can offer pure friendship and loves you truly. A person who offers a good bond is also good for your ambition.

    By – The Exploring Minds.

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