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    A Young Writer’s Quest for Change: Jyotirmayee Panda’s Impactful Writing


    We all have hobbies and vocations that manage to give us a rebirth in an absolute distinct cosmos, which give us a breathe of fresh air! Similarly, residing in the heart of this teenager, who may be young by age but no criterias limit her capabilities is a passion that has rewarded her with not only trophies and certificates, but new challenges and experiences ; both which she has managed to conquer. Miss. Jyotirmayee Panda is a writer by passion, an Indian by heart who hails from Odisha, Cuttack and a proud Co-Author of more than 120 above books , Author of 10 books and compiler of more than 4 above books ,which are sold on Amazon and various other platforms.

    “SOPHROSYNE” book is the first book as a Co- Writer. And recently she won Asia’s Top 100 Influential Women Awards For “Young Writer And Motivational Speaker 2023” ,highest civilian award of National Book Of Records “Bharat Vibhushan” ,50 UNDER’50- Global Inspiring Women’s  Award- 2023 For “Emerging Writer” , NayeRahi Winner Of Valentine’s Week – 2023 , Cosmic Inception Publication “Literacy Award For The Year 2023” And  IWHM- INSPIRATION AWARD-2023 For “Young Inspiring Writer Of The Year -2023” ।

    Q/A With Emerging Writer Jyotirmayee

    Q.1) Does writing energize or exhaust you?

    Ans:-Writers never get tired of writing, they have their own interests, they lead to write with their own interests, writing is the guide of society, then how can that guiding writing make all writers feel tired?? . Never, but once lost in writing, the power comes to mind to convey the right message to the society that our writing has the power to change society

    Q.2) What is your work schedule like when you’re writing?

    Ans:-There is no schedule for writing, it just depends on the environment and the stability of the mind, with a calm environment, if the mind is stable, new ideas will dance in front of everyone’s eyes, so it doesn’t take much time to convert them from pen to paper. So I don’t think I have time to actual write, neither do I. But yes, I like to write at night, when there is neither time constraints nor physical environment constraints. At night, when everything is quiet, the emotions blossom by themselves.

    Q.3) What would you say is your interesting writing quirk?

    Ans:-I will say this much in my own opinion about the curiosity of writing that it does not take much time for a writer to get into a social story, as much time as it takes to depict a fictional story. The characters of the fictional stories have to be created by us entirely in our own thoughts. For social stories, we get characters from our surroundings. In this case, the creation of curiosity happens in two ways, like if we talk about fictional stories, then how will people be tied to the story, that needs to be paid special attention and because social stories are written from their own research, it increases the curiosity of both the writer and the reader.

    Q.4) where do you get your information or ideas for your books?

    Ans:-If I were to say my personal preference, I would say that I like to write a lot of social stories, to discuss the positive and negative aspects of everything that happens in the society we live in, so to speak, stories that change the society and change the society in a positive way. In particular, society is my guide in the form of ideas or information. And if I tell another story, then one has to expand one’s imagination which is possible through the concentration of mind, which also requires the help of surrounding environment, time.

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