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    “AIIMS Delhi Doctors Perform Miraculous Rescue: Toddler Saved Mid-Air on Vistara Flight”


    "AIIMS Delhi Doctors Perform Mid-Air Miracle, Save 2-Year-Old Toddler on Vistara Flight"

    In a remarkable display of medical expertise and quick response, a group of doctors from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) in New Delhi saved the life of a two-year-old toddler who had stopped breathing mid-air on a Bengaluru-Delhi Vistara flight.

    The incident took place on a Vistara flight UK-814, as five senior resident doctors from AIIMS Delhi were returning to the capital city after attending a medical event in Bengaluru. The flight crew issued a distress call as the aircraft was diverted to Nagpur due to the critical condition of the toddler.

    The distressed child, a two-year-old cyanotic female who had undergone intracardiac repair surgery, was unconscious and cyanosed. The AIIMS doctors, including Navdeep Kaur (SR anesthesia), Damandeep Singh (SR cardiac radiology), Rishab Jain (ex-SR AIIMS radiology), Oishika (SR OBG), and Avichala Taxak (SR cardiac radiology), immediately assessed the situation.

    Upon examination, the doctors found that the child had no pulse, her extremities were cold, and she was not breathing properly with cyanosed lips and fingers. The medical team quickly initiated life-saving measures, including cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) with limited resources, expertly using their skills to manage the situation.

    The doctors successfully placed an intravenous (IV) canula, inserted an oropharyngeal airway, and initiated an emergency response. Their coordinated efforts led to the return of circulation (ROSC), a critical milestone in resuscitation.

    The situation became even more challenging when the child experienced another cardiac arrest. The doctors skillfully used an automated external defibrillator (AED) to address the new crisis. For a duration of 45 minutes, the medical team tirelessly performed resuscitation procedures on the child.

    With their dedicated efforts, the child’s condition stabilized, and the flight was rerouted to Nagpur. Upon landing, the child was handed over to a pediatrician in “stable hemodynamic” condition, marking a successful collaboration between the AIIMS doctors and the flight crew.

    This incident underscores the importance of having skilled medical professionals on board flights, particularly in emergency situations. The AIIMS Delhi doctors’ quick response and expertise in performing life-saving procedures have showcased their commitment to saving lives, even in the most challenging environments.

    In recent times, instances of medical emergencies on flights have highlighted the crucial role that medical professionals play in ensuring the safety and well-being of passengers. This event serves as a testament to the dedication and training of healthcare practitioners who are ready to provide critical assistance when needed the most.

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