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    Al Jazeera Condemns Israel’s Decision to Ban Network as ‘Criminal Move’


    Al Jazeera Condemns Israel's Decision to Ban Network as 'Criminal Move'

    In a sharp response to Israel’s decision to ban its operations within the country, Qatar-based broadcasting network Al Jazeera labeled the move as a “criminal decision” that infringes on basic human rights. The decision, announced by Israel’s Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi, includes shutting down the channel, seizing equipment, and limiting broadcasting to Al Jazeera’s websites.

    Al Jazeera’s statement on the social media platform X emphasized their condemnation of what they perceive as a violation of the fundamental right to access information. The network accused Israel of targeting its journalists in Gaza, where they have been reporting on the aftermath of the conflict between Israel and Hamas.

    The conflict, which escalated after the October 7 attacks, has seen Al Jazeera providing continuous coverage from Gaza, despite facing challenges such as the bombing of their office and the loss of two correspondents, Samer Abu Daqqa and Hamza AlDahdooh, during airstrikes.

    Israel has denied targeting journalists but Al Jazeera has insisted that there have been deliberate attempts to silence their reporting. This latest move by Israel is seen by Al Jazeera as part of a broader effort to hinder its operations, characterized by the network as a series of systematic attacks aimed at suppressing its coverage.

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