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    “Alert Woman Pilot Prevents Near Collision of Vistara Planes at Delhi Airport”


    Alert Woman Pilot Averts Potential Disaster as Two Vistara Planes Narrowly Avoid Collision at Delhi Airport

    A potentially catastrophic incident was narrowly averted at Delhi Airport when a sharp-witted woman pilot on a Vistara Airlines flight intervened to prevent a collision between two planes on an active runway. The alert pilot’s quick response played a crucial role in averting a potential disaster, highlighting the significance of vigilance in ensuring passenger safety.

    Over 300 passengers and crew members were on the brink of danger as an Ahmedabad-Delhi Vistara Airlines flight was instructed by an Air Traffic Control (ATC) official to cross an active runway. Simultaneously, another Vistara Airlines flight, bound for Delhi-Bagdogra, was granted permission to take off from the same runway. The two planes, merely 1.8 kilometers apart, were on a collision course.

    Captain Sonu Gill, a 45-year-old woman pilot at the helm of the Ahmedabad-Delhi flight, sprang into action when she spotted the imminent danger. Recognizing the critical situation, she alerted the Air Traffic Control of the second Vistara flight’s presence on the same runway, thereby preventing a catastrophic collision.

    India’s aviation regulator, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), attributed the near-miss incident to a lapse in Air Traffic Control coordination. The ATC momentarily forgot the instructions given to the first Vistara flight, leading to the potentially disastrous situation. The DGCA stated that the realization of the error prompted the ATC to halt the take-off of the second Vistara flight.

    The swift and astute response by Captain Sonu Gill illustrates the pivotal role pilots play in maintaining aviation safety. Her actions underscore the importance of effective communication, situational awareness, and adherence to protocols in averting emergencies.

    The incident has prompted discussions on the necessity for enhanced monitoring and strict adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) when dealing with closely spaced runways. Authorities have acted swiftly by derostering the responsible ATC official to ensure accountability.

    Aviation experts emphasize that safety should always remain paramount in flight operations. Stringent compliance with safety protocols, comprehensive training, and a proactive approach are vital components in preventing potential traffic collisions and ensuring passengers’ well-being.

    In conclusion, the close call between two Vistara planes at Delhi Airport serves as a stark reminder of the critical role played by alert pilots and vigilant ATC officials in safeguarding lives. The incident underscores the need for constant training, rigorous adherence to procedures, and robust communication to prevent such situations from escalating into disasters.

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