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    “Alliance Air Adds More Flights to Lakshadweep as Travel Demand Surges Amid India-Maldives Situation”


    Alliance Air Boosts Flights to Lakshadweep Amidst India-Maldives Dispute

    Amid the ongoing diplomatic tensions between India and the Maldives, Alliance Air, the primary airline serving Lakshadweep, has announced additional flights to the island, providing an alternative travel route for passengers. The move comes as a response to increased demand, and the airline has already sold out all its tickets until March for its daily 70-seater flights to the picturesque archipelago.

    In an official communication shared on its Twitter handle, Alliance Air stated, “Now additional flight. @PMOIndia @Officejmscindia @JM_Scindia.” The airline, which currently operates at full capacity, has responded to the surge in queries for tickets by introducing extra flights, scheduled to run on Sundays and Wednesdays. The existing route connects Kochi in Kerala to Agatti island in Lakshadweep.

    “We are receiving numerous queries via phone and social media for tickets. In response to the high demand, an additional flight has been added to the route. If required, the frequency of the flight will be increased,” commented an official associated with Alliance Air.

    Spice Jet, during its recent annual meeting, also revealed plans to exercise exclusive rights under the Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) for Lakshadweep and announced the imminent launch of flights to the island. This development aligns with the heightened interest in Lakshadweep, evident from increased queries reported by travel portals.

    Online travel company MakeMyTrip disclosed a remarkable 3400% surge in on-platform searches for Lakshadweep, particularly following Prime Minister Modi’s recent visit to the union territory. Capitalizing on the growing fascination with Indian beaches, MakeMyTrip introduced the ‘Beaches of India’ campaign, offering enticing discounts on travel packages to encourage people to explore the coastal beauty of the country.

    As the travel landscape evolves amidst geopolitical developments, the increased connectivity to Lakshadweep aims to provide travelers with more options and opportunities to explore this stunning destination. The additional flights and growing interest in Lakshadweep underscore the importance of air travel accessibility in fostering tourism and connectivity across India’s diverse landscapes.

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