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    Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh Hindi film “Lorii” with music direction has a strong start. Earned crores for the second consecutive week.


    Altaf Dadasaheb Shaikh Hindi film "Lorii" with music direction has a strong start. Earned crores for the second consecutive week.

    Renowned filmmaker Altaf Dada Saheb Sheikh has once again proven his versatility in the Indian film industry by stepping into the role of music director for the Bollywood film “Lorii,” which released on May 3rd. Known for his multifaceted talent as a writer, director, and lyricist, Sheikh’s latest venture into music direction has already shown remarkable success. The film “Lorii” has earned a substantial 4.5 crore rupees within its first six days and continues to perform well in its second week.

    Sheikh’s journey to this latest accomplishment has been marked by notable achievements. His 2018 release, “Veda B.F.,” featured the song “Hey Majhe Durvesh Baba,” sung by Bollywood singer Altaf Raja. This song entered the World Book of Records, and the film itself achieved a strong box office earning of 11 crore rupees in approximately 21 days. This success caught the attention of producers Avinash Kavathankar and Raju Revankar, who entrusted Sheikh with the task of writing lyrics and composing music for their new film, “Lorii.”

    In “Lorii,” Altaf Sheikh has taken on the dual roles of lyricist and music director. The film, directed by Sudhir Kumar Hazari Lucknowi, boasts a stellar lineup of singers, including Suresh Wadkar, Urmila Dhangar, Swapnil Bandodkar, Priyanka Barve, and Anjali Gaikwad. The combination of Sheikh’s lyrical prowess and his newfound talent in music composition has created an enchanting soundtrack that complements the film’s narrative.

    “Presented by Om Sai Ram Creative World and produced by Avinash Kavathankar, ‘Lorii’ showcases the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team. Directed by Raju Revankar and featuring cinematography by Kumar Dongre, Panti Patel, Rajkumar, Shan Kakkar, Ranjit Das, Abhilasha Ghairya, Pratibha Shimpi, and Aarti Shinde, the film promises a visual treat. The artistic vision of the film is further enhanced by Raju Mali’s art direction, Ketan’s makeup artistry, and costumes designed by Sangeeta Chourey and Aarti Patil Kulkarni.

    The production team, including line producer Shahjahan Sheikh and production managers Amjad Khan Sheikh, Kiran Ghodke, and Abhishek Chaure, has ensured smooth execution behind the scenes. ‘Lorii’ features a talented ensemble cast from both the Hindi and Marathi film industries, bringing diverse performances to the screen.

    With its strong earnings and the genuine love it is receiving from the public, ‘Lorii’ stands as a testament to Altaf Dada Saheb Sheikh’s enduring impact on Indian cinema. As he continues to explore new dimensions of his creativity, fans and critics alike eagerly anticipate what this multifaceted artist will bring to the industry next.”

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