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    Ameer Vayalar Unveils Major Updates to Electronic Scoring System for Taekwondo Competitions.


    Ameer Vayalar Unveils Major Updates to Electronic Scoring System for Taekwondo Competitions.

    Renowned taekwondo coach and international player Ameer Vayalar from Vayalar, Alappuzha, has introduced significant updates to his Electronic Scoring System (ESS), aimed at revolutionizing taekwondo competitions worldwide. Known for his expertise as an international player and coach, Ameer has expanded the capabilities of his system to include online functionality and advanced training modes for coaches.

    The ESS, previously operational solely offline, now boasts an online version allowing real-time scoring and match monitoring from any location globally. This upgrade marks a crucial advancement in the accessibility and utility of taekwondo scoring technology.

    “In our latest update, we’ve integrated online features that enable coaches and officials to oversee matches remotely and receive live scoring updates,” stated Ameer Vayalar. “Additionally, we’ve enhanced the training mode within the software, providing coaches with comprehensive tools to refine athletes’ performances.”

    The mobile applications and computer software supporting the ESS have undergone final testing phases, with selected taekwondo coaches across India slated to evaluate them by the end of this month. This testing phase aims to gather feedback and ensure the system’s seamless integration into various levels of taekwondo competition.

    Ameer Vayalar’s innovative approach addresses longstanding challenges in traditional scoring systems, offering a cost-effective solution that maintains accuracy and fairness in judging. His commitment to advancing taekwondo technology underscores his dedication to the sport’s growth and accessibility on a global scale.

    As the taekwondo community eagerly anticipates the full rollout of these updates, Ameer Vayalar remains optimistic about the future of electronic scoring in enhancing the sport’s competitiveness and spectator experience worldwide.

    Key Updates to ESS:

    Online Version: The software now includes an upgraded online version, allowing real-time match scores to be viewed online from anywhere in the world through the ESS app.

    Training Mode: A new training mode for coaches has been introduced, providing enhanced tools for athlete performance improvement.

    Real-Time Scoring: Competitors and officials can monitor live scores during matches, addressing previous issues of score visibility and accuracy.

    Final Testing: Selected taekwondo coaches in India will receive the final testing version of the mobile apps and computer software by the end of this month.

    Ameer’s ESS, known as the Electronic Application for Route Networking Software (EARNS), continues to set new standards in the field of taekwondo, offering innovative solutions that benefit competitors, coaches, and officials alike.

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