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    “Australian Fisherman Discovers MH370 Part, Regrets Encounter: ‘Wish I Never Found It'”


    In a startling revelation, Kit Olver, a seasoned Australian fisherman, broke his silence to the Sydney Morning Herald about a chilling encounter he and his crew had just six months after the baffling disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 in 2014.

    Olver vividly recalled the moment his trawling net became entangled with what he firmly believed was a substantial segment of a commercial airliner’s wing. “It was a bloody great wing of a big jet airliner,” Olver recounted to the Sydney Morning Herald, expressing regret over ever coming across the debris. “I’ve questioned myself; I’ve looked for a way out of this. I wish to Christ I’d never seen the thing… but there it is. It was a jet’s wing,” he lamented.

    Accompanied by George Currie, the sole surviving member of Olver’s crew who witnessed the discovery, they attempted to hoist the enormous piece to the surface. Recollecting the ordeal, Currie stated, “It was incredibly heavy and awkward. It stretched out the net and ripped it. It was too big to get up on the deck.” His description painted a picture of the piece being larger than that of a private plane, unmistakably from a commercial aircraft, distinctively white in color.

    Despite their efforts, the crew faced insurmountable challenges, forcing them to reluctantly sever their $20,000 net, leaving the plane part submerged at a shallow depth on the sea floor. Olver maintained the ability to provide precise coordinates of the discovery site, placing the remnants approximately 55 kilometers west of Robe, a town in South Australia, an area he considers his secret fishing spot.

    Expressing frustration at the authorities’ dismissal of his claim, Olver reiterated his readiness to assist in locating the specific area where he stumbled upon the wing. His story revives hope for potential breakthroughs in the quest to unravel the mysteries surrounding the ill-fated MH370, reigniting interest in an investigation that has remained inconclusive for nearly a decade.

    As the world grapples with renewed intrigue and questions, Olver’s revelation could potentially reignite efforts to search for remnants of the vanished aircraft, offering a glimmer of hope to families and investigators yearning for closure amidst one of aviation’s most perplexing disappearances.

    The Australian Fisherman’s account, if substantiated, might just be the long-awaited piece to solve the puzzle of MH370’s fate, leaving authorities urged to reevaluate and reinvigorate the search efforts in the designated area indicated by Olver.

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