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    “Bill Gates Takes Plunge Into Brussels Sewer System, Unveils City’s Sanitation History on World Toilet Day”


    Bill Gates Explores Brussels' Sewer System on World Toilet Day

    Bill Gates, the former CEO of Microsoft, delved into Brussels’ underground sewer system to commemorate World Toilet Day, shedding light on the city’s historical sanitation challenges. Gates shared an Instagram video documenting his exploration of the water waste system and highlighted Brussels’ rich history.

    In the video, Gates explained the significance of understanding the city’s wastewater system. He detailed how, in the 1800s, the disposal of sewage into the Senne River led to devastating cholera epidemics. Today, Brussels boasts a sophisticated 200-mile network of sewers and treatment plants that effectively manage the city’s waste, mitigating health risks.

    World Toilet Day, observed annually on November 19, aims to raise awareness about sanitation and hygiene. The initiative, designated in 2001 by the non-profit organization World Toilet Organisation founded by philanthropist Jack Sim, emphasizes the importance of cleanliness. Inadequate sanitation can contribute to the spread of diseases, prompting efforts to enhance access to sanitary facilities worldwide.

    Gates’ exploration of Brussels’ sewer system on World Toilet Day underscores the critical role of proper sanitation in global health and commemorates efforts to improve sanitation access for all.

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