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    “Brazilian Man Uses Lamborghini to Stop Thief Who Robbed Him of Rolex at Gunpoint”


    Brazilian Man Rams Lamborghini Into Thief Who Stole His Rolex At Gunpoint

    In a dramatic turn of events in the Brazilian city of Sao Paulo, a man driving a Lamborghini took swift and unconventional action to recover his stolen Rolex watch after being robbed at gunpoint. The incident occurred in the upscale region of Avenida Brigadeiro Faria Lima on Saturday, May 18, and was captured in a video that went viral on social media.

    According to CNN Brazil, the Lamborghini driver was approached by a thief on a motorcycle while stopped at a traffic light. The thief, armed with a gun, forcibly took the lavish timepiece from the driver and attempted to flee the scene. As traffic started moving again, the Lamborghini driver decided to take matters into his own hands and chase the fleeing thief.

    The video footage shows the green Lamborghini accelerating to catch up with the escaping biker. In a daring move, as the thief tried to make an illegal turn, the furious owner of the Lamborghini accelerated and collided with the motorbike, causing both vehicles to crash. The impact also led to a nearby pole being knocked down along with the traffic lights.

    Despite the crash, the thief managed to quickly get back on his feet and escape from the scene, leaving behind his wrecked motorcycle. However, his attempt to flee was foiled as he left crucial evidence behind. Brazilian outlet Metropoles reported that the stolen Rolex watch was valued at Brazilian real 200,000 (approximately $40,000 or ₹32 lakh).

    Local police were able to identify the suspect thanks to items left at the scene, including a 32-caliber revolver used in the robbery and a cellphone. The man, who resides in Taboao da Serra and was using a motorcycle registered under his mother’s name, has been identified and is now a subject of investigation.

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