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    Bridge Collapses in Bihar’s Vaishali, Third Incident this Month Raises Concerns


    In yet another unfortunate incident, a portion of an under-construction bridge in Bihar’s Vaishali district collapsed due to strong winds, as reported by news agency ANI. The bridge, which connected Raghopur to the Vaishali district headquarters, suffered damage, marking the third bridge collapse in the state within a month. This incident follows the recent collapse of an under-construction bridge over the Mechi river and a four-lane road bridge over the Ganges.

    The bridge collapse on the river Ganges occurred as a result of powerful winds, causing a portion of the temporary structure to wash away. The incident raises concerns about the safety and stability of infrastructure projects in the region. Just days before, a 100-meter span of an under-construction bridge on NH-327 E between Galgaliya in Kishanganj and Araria had collapsed at Gorichak in Kishanganj.

    Earlier this month, Bihar witnessed yet another major bridge collapse when a four-lane road bridge connecting Bhagalpur district to Aguwani Ghat in Khagaria gave way. This under-construction bridge, costing over ₹1,700 crore, was a significant project in the region. Notably, a section of this bridge had collapsed on April 30 last year as well, raising concerns about the quality of construction and structural integrity.

    Following the recent collapse in Vaishali, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar expressed his concerns over the recurring incidents. He called for a thorough investigation into the causes behind these incidents and demanded strict action against those responsible. The repeated bridge collapses have raised questions about the adequacy of safety measures, quality control, and oversight during construction projects.

    These incidents not only disrupt transportation and connectivity but also pose a threat to public safety. The bridge collapses underscore the urgent need for comprehensive inspections, adherence to construction standards, and stringent quality checks to ensure the structural integrity of infrastructure projects.

    The authorities must address the issues surrounding bridge construction and take immediate steps to prevent such incidents in the future. Public safety should remain a top priority, and lessons should be learned from these unfortunate incidents to ensure the development of safe and reliable infrastructure in Bihar.

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