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    “Brushstrokes and Beyond: The Artistic Legacy of Ankur Kumar”


    In the bustling heart of New Delhi, a city teeming with life, creativity, and culture, Ankur Kumar, a remarkable artist with a multifaceted persona, was born in 1989. He has seamlessly etched his name into the annals of contemporary art, leaving a profound impact on the global stage. His journey is not just that of a talented artist but also that of a philanthropist, environmentalist, spirited preacher, and memoirist.

    The world of art is vast, diverse, and often enigmatic, but Ankur Kumar navigates it with aplomb. His body of work is an exquisite fusion of conceptual and abstract tachisme, conveyed through a broad spectrum of artistic mediums. Paintings, drawings, printmaking, photography, sculpture, ceramics, creative installations, tribal art, and folk art all bear the indelible mark of his ingenuity.

    Collaborating for Art Education

    Ankur Kumar’s commitment to art goes beyond his personal creations. He has embraced the role of an educator and mentor, nurturing the next generation of artists. His significant collaboration with the Directorate of Education, Government of the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi, demonstrates his dedication to shaping the future of art. His teaching and mentorship allow him to share not only his artistic knowledge but also his visionary perspective with budding artists.

    Academic Excellence

    Kumar’s artistic journey began with his academic pursuits. In 2011, he graduated as a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) from Jamia Millia Islamia University, where he earned the prestigious Gold Medal. His unrelenting pursuit of artistic excellence led him to further academic heights. In 2013, he achieved his Master of Fine Arts (MFA) from Lovely Professional University and stood out as the top-ranked student in his cohort.

    The zenith of his academic journey was reached in 2017 when Ankur was awarded the JRF/NET (Both) scholarship by the University Grants Commission (UGC). This recognition marked a turning point in his artistic career, catapulting him into the national spotlight.

    A Global Art Presence

    Ankur Kumar’s artistry knows no boundaries. His work has graced the stages of numerous international biennial and triennial exhibitions across the globe. He has shared his artistic vision in countries as diverse as Lithuania, North Macedonia, France, Bulgaria, Spain, Poland, Republic of Moldova, Portugal, Czech Republic, India, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Estonia, Albania, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Ukraine, and Italy.

    Kumar’s international reach extends even further, with his participation in various international traveling exhibitions, making stops in Slovakia, Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, and Romania. His artistic prowess has been duly recognized, earning him memberships in esteemed art organizations such as the Spanish Pastel Society in Oviedo, Spain, and Pastel d’Opale in Boulogne Sur Mer, France.

    Distinguished Laurels in International Art Exhibitions

    Throughout his illustrious career, Ankur Kumar has garnered a multitude of awards and accolades, each a testament to his exceptional talent:

    In 2013, he secured the 3rd International Award for Painting in the 6th International Biennale pastel painting in Nowy Sacz, Poland.

    In 2019, Kumar received the 1st International Award for Drawing at the International Drawing Biennale India, presented by Ankan Art Associates.

    His dedication and proficiency in the visual arts led to the recognition of Professional Excellence in Visual Arts in 2019.

    The same year, he was honored with the Best Alumni Award for Professional Excellence in Visual Arts from Lovely Professional University.

    In 2022, Kumar’s talent extended to photography, earning him the Award for Photography from the Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar.

    He also secured the Award for Graphics from All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS), New Delhi.

    In 2023, his excellence in painting was celebrated with the Award of Excellence for Painting in the 5th International Painting Biennale by the International Association of Visual, Performing, and Other Arts.

    Additionally, he was bestowed with the 1st Award for Painting in the same event.

    The year 2023 also brought Kumar the prestigious Mahatma Gandhi Rashtriya Abhiman Puraskar for Best Fine Art (Painting) Artist.

    An upcoming honor on the horizon is the National Icon Award for Best Artist, further solidifying his legacy in the art world.

    International Art Exhibitions and Works

    2023: Drawing works featured in the International Drawing Triennial in Kyiv, Ukraine.

    2022: Print works showcased in the International Print Art Biennale in Tirana, Albania.

    2022: Award-winning drawing at the World Osten Drawing Biennale in Skopje, North Macedonia.

    2018: Participation in the 44th International OSTEN Biennial of Drawing at the Osten World Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia.

    2018: Contribution to the 17th International Biennial of Portrait, organized by the International Portrait Gallery in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    2016: Presence in the 43rd International OSTEN Biennial of Drawing held at the Osten World Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia.

    2014: Display of drawings at the 42nd International OSTEN Biennial of Drawing at the Osten World Gallery in Skopje, Macedonia.

    2013: Awarded work featured in the VI International Biennial Pastel exhibition 2013, property of SOKOL Malopolska Culture Centre in Nowy Sazc, Poland.

    2012: Award-winning drawing in the VIII International Biennial of Drawing Pilsen 2012, organized by the International Association of Art – Europe in Czech Republic.

    A Literary Artistic Contribution

    Ankur Kumar’s artistic journey is not confined to visual mediums alone. He has made significant contributions to the field of art education through his written works. His publications include titles such as “Art criticism is a mandatory concept in Art Education” (2011) and “Oil Colors Technique in Different Art Movement” (2013). Additionally, he has delved into topics like “Aboriginal elements in Abstract Painting” (2018) and “Drawing is a basic component from the perspective of Osten Biennial of Drawing” (2019).

    A Global Art Footprint

    Ankur Kumar’s artistic footprint extends far and wide. His work has not only traveled across India, including exhibitions at the Indian Academy of Fine Arts, Amritsar, and Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi, but also made its mark on the global stage. Kumar’s commitment to the art world also includes contributions to national exhibitions and group shows in India, such as the All India Fine Arts and Craft Society (AIFACS) and Jehangir Art Gallery in Mumbai. His work has been part of group exhibitions like “Impression,” a Print Making Exhibition.

    Scholarships and Workshops

    Ankur Kumar’s dedication to the arts is further exemplified by his active participation in research methodology workshops and national painting workshops sponsored by the UGC. He has received scholarships from institutions such as Jamia Millia Islamia University and the University Grants Commission. In the world of art, Ankur Kumar stands as a dynamic and visionary artist, a passionate philanthropist, a devoted environmentalist, and an influential preacher. His art transcends borders and leaves an indelible mark on the global art landscape.

    Ankur Kumar’s journey as an artist is a remarkable tale of creativity, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of artistic excellence. His unique blend of artistic talent, academic prowess, and commitment to art education make him a true icon in the world of contemporary art. Born on March 13, 1989, in New Delhi, India, Ankur Kumar continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary art and inspire artists and art enthusiasts worldwide with his exceptional talent and unwavering passion for the arts.

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