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    “Canadian Travel Advisory Calls for Vigilance in Designated Indian Cities”


    Canada Urges Citizens to Exercise Caution in Indian Cities Amid Diplomatic Tensions

    Canada Issues Travel Advisory Amid Diplomatic Row

    Canada has updated its travel advisory for its citizens in India, urging them to exercise a high degree of caution in response to escalating diplomatic tensions between the two nations. This advisory comes shortly after Canada withdrew 41 diplomats and closed most of its embassies and consulates in India, signaling a significant deterioration in bilateral relations.

    Khalistani Terrorist Killing Sparks Diplomatic Row

    The root of this diplomatic discord can be traced back to the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar on Canadian soil. Last month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau publicly linked Indian intelligence to Nijjar’s assassination, a claim that India vehemently denied as “absurd” and “motivated.” These allegations have ignited a bitter dispute, prompting both nations to take retaliatory measures, including the expulsion of senior diplomats and the issuance of travel advisories.

    Canada’s Travel Advisory and Its Implications

    Canada’s updated travel advisory highlights concerns regarding the safety of its citizens in India. It cites the threat of terrorist attacks throughout the country and emphasizes the need for vigilance. The advisory specifically urges Canadians to exercise caution in and around three major Indian cities: Bengaluru, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.

    “In the context of recent developments in Canada and India, there are calls for protests and some negative sentiment towards Canada in traditional media and on social media. Demonstrations, including anti-Canada protests, could occur, and Canadians may be subjected to intimidation or harassment. In Delhi and the National Capital Region, you should keep a low profile with strangers, and not share your personal information with them,” the advisory stated.

    Furthermore, Canada has temporarily suspended all in-person services at its consulates in Mumbai, Chandigarh, and Bengaluru. Canadian citizens residing in or traveling to these cities have been advised to contact the High Commission in New Delhi for assistance.

    Concerns About Safety and Crime

    The advisory also cautions Canadians about common petty crimes such as pickpocketing and purse snatching, which are prevalent in major cities and tourist areas. It advises citizens not to carry large sums of money and to remain vigilant in crowded locations.

    India’s Earlier Travel Advisory

    It’s worth noting that prior to Canada’s advisory, India had issued its own travel advisory, urging its citizens living in Canada and those contemplating traveling there to exercise “utmost caution.” This advisory was prompted by concerns over growing anti-India activities and what it described as “politically-condoned” hate crimes in Canada.

    The diplomatic row between Canada and India is a matter of international concern and continues to evolve, raising questions about the future of bilateral relations and the impact on citizens of both nations. As tensions persist, the world watches closely for further developments in this ongoing dispute.

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