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    Chief Minister Gehlot Claims Speech Removal; Prime Minister’s Office Responds


    "Squabble Erupts Ahead of PM Modi's Rajasthan Visit as Ashok Gehlot Claims Speech Axed; PMO Responds"

    Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Sikar, Rajasthan, public squabbling ensued between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) over the removal of Gehlot’s speech from an event. The incident unfolded on Twitter as both sides traded accusations, leading to a heated exchange just before PM Modi’s seventh visit to Congress-ruled Rajasthan, which is set to hold elections for a new government later this year.

    The disagreement started when Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot took to Twitter to express disappointment over the alleged cancellation of his pre-scheduled three-minute address to be delivered via videoconference. Gehlot welcomed PM Modi through a tweet, citing that his speech had been removed by the PMO.

    In response, PM Modi, while addressing a farmers’ event in Sikar, wished the Chief Minister a speedy recovery from his illness and addressed the issue of his absence. However, the PMO contradicted Gehlot’s claims and stated that it was the Chief Minister himself who opted out due to a leg injury. The PMO clarified that Gehlot was initially invited, and his speech was scheduled in accordance with protocol.

    Chief Minister Gehlot promptly shared letters as evidence of his invitation and his intention to attend the Prime Minister’s program remotely via video conferencing. He explained that despite his leg injury, he intended to participate in the event non-interactively through video conferencing for the sake of Rajasthan’s interests.

    This visit marks PM Modi’s sixth trip to Rajasthan, a state currently governed by the Congress party. The upcoming elections have added significance to the visit, making the incident of the alleged speech removal a matter of public interest and scrutiny.

    The exchange on social media reflects the underlying tensions and political dynamics in the state, as both the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister engage in public statements and counter-statements ahead of the crucial polls.

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