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    China Accuses British Intelligence of Hiring Chinese Government Workers as Spies


    China Accuses British Intelligence of Recruiting Chinese Government Staff as Spies

    China’s State Security Ministry has accused the British foreign intelligence service MI6 of recruiting two staff members from unspecified Chinese central state bodies as spies for the British government. The alleged spies, a married couple, are currently under investigation.

    The Chinese State Security Ministry did not provide further details about the ongoing investigation into the case. This accusation is part of a broader trend of mutual accusations between China and Britain regarding espionage activities that both countries view as threats to national security.

    Earlier this year in January, Beijing accused MI6 of using a foreigner in China to gather secrets and intelligence. In response, British prosecutors in April charged two individuals with providing prejudicial information to China. Additionally, last month, three other individuals were accused of aiding Hong Kong’s foreign intelligence service in Britain.

    According to the Chinese ministry’s statement, one of the alleged spies, identified by the surname Wang, studied in the UK in 2015 under an exchange program. During this time, MI6 allegedly arranged dinners and tours for Wang, gradually drawing him into a part-time consulting role with attractive remuneration. Eventually, MI6 approached Wang to work for them with promises of substantial financial rewards and security.

    The ministry’s statement further claims that MI6 convinced Wang to recruit his wife, identified as Zhou, who worked in a “core government unit.” Zhou allegedly agreed to the recruitment, enticed by the prospect of double the money offered to her husband.

    When questioned about these allegations, a spokesperson for British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reiterated the government’s policy of not commenting on the operations of intelligence agencies or security matters.

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