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    “China and Syria Announce New ‘Strategic Partnership’ During Assad’s Visit”


    China and Syria Announce New 'Strategic Partnership' During Assad's Visit

    In a historic move, Chinese President Xi Jinping and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have jointly announced the establishment of a “strategic partnership” between China and Syria. The declaration came during President Assad’s visit to China, his first since 2004, as he seeks vital financial support to rebuild his nation after a devastating civil war that spanned over a decade.

    The meeting between the two leaders took place on the eve of the Asian Games opening ceremony, where President Assad was in attendance. China is among the few nations outside the Middle East that the Syrian President has visited since the outbreak of the civil war in 2011, a conflict that inflicted widespread destruction, resulted in the loss of over half a million lives, and left millions displaced.

    President Xi emphasized that the newly forged China-Syria strategic partnership would be a pivotal milestone in the history of bilateral relations. This announcement underscores a pattern of Beijing engaging with leaders shunned by Western nations, including visits by Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro and Iran’s President Ebrahim Raisi in the same year, as well as high-level meetings with Russian officials.

    According to China’s state news agency, Xinhua, President Xi Jinping and President Bashar al-Assad formalized their strategic partnership during the meeting, held at a large rectangular wooden table adorned with flags from both countries and a Chinese painting.

    President Xi emphasized that the resilient relationship between China and Syria had endured amidst international changes. He affirmed China’s support for Syria in opposing foreign interference, unilateral bullying, and upholding national independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity.

    In response, President Assad expressed gratitude to the Chinese government for their unwavering support during Syria’s challenging times. He acknowledged the visit’s significance, stating that it comes at a crucial juncture as the world is evolving towards a multipolar order aimed at restoring global balance and stability.

    President Assad expressed hope that their meeting would lay the foundations for comprehensive and enduring strategic cooperation across various domains.

    China’s foreign ministry anticipates that President Assad’s visit will elevate bilateral ties to a “new level.” China has long been a diplomatic supporter of Syria, particularly at the United Nations Security Council, where China holds a permanent seat.

    Analysts suggest that President Assad’s visit represents a vital step in Syria’s reintegration into the international community after years of isolation led by the United States. The Syrian conflict began when Assad’s response to peaceful pro-democracy protests escalated into a protracted conflict, drawing in foreign powers and extremist groups.

    This diplomatic development coincides with China’s increasing engagement in the Middle East. Earlier this year, China brokered a historic agreement between long-standing regional rivals Saudi Arabia and Iran, leading to the restoration of diplomatic ties and the reopening of embassies. Furthermore, Syria recently returned to the Arab fold during a summit in Saudi Arabia in May, ending more than a decade of regional isolation.

    The announcement of the China-Syria strategic partnership signifies a shifting geopolitical landscape in the Middle East, with China playing an increasingly influential role in the region’s affairs. This collaboration holds the promise of not only bolstering Syria’s reconstruction efforts but also reshaping the dynamics of global diplomacy in the years to come.

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