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    “Clearing Begins After US Bridge Collapse Wreckage Tangle”


    Baltimore Bridge Collapse: Efforts Begin to Clear Wreckage, Six Dead

    Following the tragic collapse of the Baltimore bridge, which claimed six lives and disrupted traffic in the bustling US port, authorities have initiated the challenging task of clearing the tangled wreckage.

    The complex process, set to commence Saturday, involves the removal of a first section of the bridge. Maryland transportation secretary Paul Wiedefeld emphasized the enormity of this undertaking, marking it as a significant milestone in the recovery efforts.

    Coast Guard Rear Admiral Shannon Gilreath announced the use of a massive floating crane capable of lifting over 100 tons to move the fallen section of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. This initial step aims to open a temporary restricted channel, allowing essential vessels to access the area and expedite the cleanup operation.

    Governor Wes Moore highlighted the economic repercussions of the collapse, impacting thousands of workers and businesses reliant on the port’s operations. The halt in shipping traffic and the closure of the bridge have forced commuters to seek alternative routes, causing significant disruptions.

    The tragic loss of life, particularly among Latino immigrant road workers, has cast a somber shadow over the recovery efforts. With two bodies recovered and four others presumed dead, recovery operations have been temporarily halted due to the hazardous conditions of the river.

    Authorities remain focused on safely removing the debris and salvaging the impacted vessel, recognizing the long-term implications of the collapse on the regional economy. As investigations continue into the cause of the collapse, the community mourns the lives lost and braces for the arduous task of rebuilding and restoring normalcy to the affected area.

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