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    “CM Stalin Seeks PM Modi’s Urgent Meeting Amidst Tamil Nadu Flood Crisis”


    "CM Stalin Seeks PM Modi's Urgent Meeting Amidst Tamil Nadu Flood Crisis"

    Tamil Nadu’s Chief Minister, M K Stalin, has urgently requested an audience with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the critical rain and flood situation wreaking havoc across the southern regions of the state. In a letter penned on Monday, CM Stalin sought an appointment for December 19, emphasizing the pressing need to discuss the escalating crisis and devise immediate strategies for relief and recovery.

    The official communication from the Chief Minister’s office highlighted the dire impact of the relentless rainfall, particularly in southern districts such as Kanyakumari, Thoothukudi, Tenkasi, and Tirunelveli. These areas have borne the brunt of severe downpours, with reports citing staggering figures of up to 95 centimeters of rainfall at Kayalpattinam in Thoothukudi.

    CM Stalin’s request for a meeting with PM Modi primarily aims to deliberate on the extensive damage caused by the torrential rains, along with seeking expedited allocation of central funds to bolster the state’s efforts in managing the aftermath of the calamity. The discussion agenda encompasses evaluating the incurred damages, discussing ongoing relief and rescue initiatives, and securing essential financial aid from the central government to facilitate the rehabilitation process, particularly in rain-affected regions like Chennai and its neighboring districts.

    As part of his efforts to address this urgent matter, CM Stalin, following his official commitments in Coimbatore, has expedited his travel plans to Delhi. Scheduled for Tuesday, the anticipated meeting between the Chief Minister and PM Modi holds significant weight in formulating a cohesive strategy to address the escalating crisis.

    CM Stalin’s visit to Delhi not only includes his crucial meeting with the Prime Minister but also involves his participation in the fourth meeting of INDIA bloc leaders, indicating the multifaceted nature of his agenda that prioritizes both state-level crises and national-level discussions.

    As Tamil Nadu grapples with the aftermath of incessant rainfall and ensuing flooding, CM Stalin’s proactive approach in seeking urgent discussions with the central leadership underscores the gravity of the situation and the imperative need for immediate collaborative action to alleviate the distress faced by affected communities.

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