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    Deepak Yadav: Bridging the Digital Knowledge Gap in Agra Through Cybersecurity Awareness Sessions


    In the heart of Agra, a multifaceted individual, Cyber Deepak Yadav, is making waves not only as a BSc student but also as a cybersecurity professional, professional photographer, and videographer. As the founder of Squad Photography, he captures moments through his lens, bringing stories to life. Additionally, his YouTube channel features insightful biography videos of renowned personalities from around the globe, adding a unique dimension to his diverse skill set.

    Recently, Deepak Yadav conducted a cybersecurity awareness session in collaboration with Rj Arjun from 97.2 Big FM Agra. The session addressed crucial questions concerning cybersecurity in the local community:

    • Common Cyber Crimes and Frauds : Deepak explored the prevalent cyber threats in today’s date, shedding light on the evolving landscape of digital crimes.
    • Preventive Measures for Agra Residents: Providing actionable advice, Deepak guided Agra residents on proactive steps they can take to safeguard themselves against cybercrimes and frauds.
    • Immediate Actions for Cybercrime Victims: In the unfortunate event of falling victim to cybercrime, Deepak outlined the crucial first steps one should take for damage control.
    • Message for Agra as a Cyber Researcher: As a cybersecurity professional, Deepak shared a personalized message aimed at raising awareness and fostering a safer digital environment for the local community.

    Following this insightful session, Deepak Yadav continued his mission by participating in a second cybersecurity awareness session, this time covered by Rj Kanika on All India Radio (AIR). The session covered an array of topics, including:

    • Deepfakes: Unraveling the complexities of manipulated digital content and the potential risks associated with deepfake technology.
    • AI-Based Fraud: Exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence and fraudulent activities in the digital realm.
    • Ponzi Scheme Awareness: Shedding light on financial schemes that deceive individuals through the promise of high returns, emphasizing the need for caution.
    • WhatsApp Video Call Fraud: Providing insights into the modus operandi of scams conducted through WhatsApp video calls.

    Deepak also guided the audience on how to report financial fraud through the designated helpline number 1930 and the official website, empowering individuals to take proactive steps against cyber threats.

    In the ever-evolving digital landscape, Deepak Yadav stands as a beacon of knowledge, bridging the gap between technology and the local community in Agra. Through his engaging sessions and collaborative efforts with radio personalities, he is contributing to a safer and more informed digital society.

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