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    “Delhi Traffic Police Imposes ₹11,000 Fine on Romantic Couple Riding Speeding Bike”


    Delhi Traffic Police Slaps ₹11,000 Fine on Couple Romancing on Speeding Bike

    The Delhi Traffic Police has imposed a hefty fine of ₹11,000 on a couple captured on video indulging in romantic activities while riding a bike. The viral video showed the woman seated on the fuel tank, facing her partner, as they engaged in intimate gestures during the bike ride. The incident caught the attention of several users who flagged it to the traffic police, prompting them to take swift action.

    In a tweet, the traffic police confirmed that they had taken cognizance of the viral video, where the two-wheeler was being driven dangerously. They booked the offenders under appropriate sections of the law, resulting in a combined fine of ₹11,000. The police also seized the opportunity to remind the public to avoid imitating such behavior from movies and to prioritize safe driving.

    The incident reportedly occurred on the Outer Ring Road flyover in Delhi’s Mangolpuri on July 16. The video received widespread criticism from netizens, condemning the couple’s irresponsible and obscene conduct while riding a bike.

    The traffic challan screenshot displayed in the Delhi Traffic Police’s video reveals that the couple was booked for multiple offenses. Apart from driving without a helmet and license, they were also charged with driving dangerously, which includes allowing an unauthorized person to drive.

    The swift response of the Delhi Police to this incident garnered appreciation from users on social media. Many praised the authorities for taking prompt action against such behavior, emphasizing the importance of adhering to traffic laws and maintaining safety on the roads.

    This incident is not the first of its kind, as a similar video surfaced last month, showing another couple embracing each other while riding a moving bike on NH9 near Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram area. In both instances, the couple’s failure to wear helmets while riding raises further concerns about road safety and responsible driving practices.

    The Delhi Traffic Police’s strict actions serve as a reminder to the public that traffic rules and regulations are in place to protect lives and prevent accidents. It underscores the importance of adhering to these laws and exercising caution while driving on the roads.

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