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    “DJ Sonee Dips and renowned dance choreographer Danny Danz share the stage at the grand opening, create magic through their collaboration”


    DJ Sonee Dips had the pleasure of meeting up with renowned Indian dance choreographer Danny Danz. The two celebrities met at a grand opening event in Bangalore, where they talked about their shared passion for music and dance.

    Danny Danz is a well-known figure in the Indian entertainment industry, having made his debut in the Tamil movie “Minnale” back in 2001. He has since worked on numerous film projects, showcasing his exceptional talent as a choreographer.

    During their conversation, DJ Sonee Dips and Danny Danz discussed the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest music trends to create fresh and exciting dance routines. They also shared insights into the process of creating music videos and how to incorporate dance into them.

    DJ Sonee Dips was impressed with Danny Danz’s extensive experience in the entertainment industry, and the two celebrities exchanged ideas on how to collaborate on future projects.

    Overall, the meeting was a fantastic opportunity for both DJ Sonee Dips and Danny Danz to connect and share their passion for music and dance. It was a true meeting of the minds and promises to lead to exciting collaborations in the future.’

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