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    “Expert Warns of High Risk from Enormous Debris Pile Near Uttarakhand Tunnel”


    Amidst the intense rescue efforts for trapped workers in an Uttarakhand tunnel, environmental concerns have surfaced regarding a substantial waste heap situated perilously close to the site. The colossal accumulation of construction waste, devoid of protective measures, poses a serious risk of slippage during heavy rainfall, potentially endangering downhill residential areas.

    Guidelines stipulating stringent waste management protocols in delicate zones like the Himalayas have been flouted in the construction process, according to experts. Dr SP Sati, a geologist, emphasized the imminent danger, highlighting the absence of protective barriers at the waste heap’s base. He underscored the possibility of downstream movement during the monsoons, escalating water density and posing severe threats to settlements below.

    The tunnel collapse incident has sparked concerns among environmentalists, signaling the ramifications of rapid infrastructure development in this fragile region. Dr Sudhir Krishna, a former ministry official, urged contemplation on the consequences of such hurried advancements. Government authorities, presently focused on the rescue mission, have deferred addressing these concerns until later.

    Vishal Chauhan from the National Highways Authority assured environmental assessments but acknowledged the unpredictable nature of Himalayan geology. Bhaskar Khulbe, overseeing the rescue operation, acknowledged safety measures but pledged to address concerns post-rescue.

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