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    “Explosion on US-Canada Border: CCTV Captures Startling Moments”


    CCTV Captures Moments Before US-Canada Border Explosion; Two Dead, Officer Injured

    CCTV footage has surfaced, capturing the harrowing moments preceding an explosion at the Rainbow Bridge, where a vehicle involved in a crash was seen flying through the air just before bursting into flames. The distressing video showcases the car hurtling towards the border checkpoint, soaring into the air before igniting in flames, prompting billowing black smoke.

    The incident, occurring on the US side of the bridge near Niagara Falls, resulted in the closure of the international border crossing in both directions. Two individuals tragically lost their lives in the crash, and a border officer sustained injuries. Witnesses reported the car speeding from Canada towards the US border at a staggering 100 mph before the collision occurred.

    Initial reports speculated a potential terror attack, but New York Governor Kathy Hochul clarified that there was no indication of terrorism involved. FBI investigations corroborated this, confirming no explosive materials at the scene and no discernible terrorism links. The FBI transferred the case to the Niagara Falls Police Department for further examination as a traffic investigation.

    Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau expressed serious concern, emphasizing the gravity of the situation in Niagara Falls. Authorities continue to probe the incident, with a focus on understanding the circumstances leading to the catastrophic crash at the US-Canada border.

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