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    “Explosions Near US Embassy in Baghdad’s Green Zone Trigger Alarms”


    Explosions Heard Near US Embassy in Baghdad's Green Zone Prompt Alarms

    Reports of explosions near the US Embassy in Baghdad’s heavily fortified Green Zone have sparked alarm, with social media videos capturing sirens urging individuals to take cover. The incident occurred in the early hours of Friday, though embassy spokespeople have yet to provide any official comment or clarification.

    Videos shared on social media, verified by a credible source, depicted the activation of sirens alongside the sounds of explosions, raising concerns about potential security breaches or threats near the US diplomatic compound. However, immediate details regarding the activation of the embassy’s air defense systems or the extent of any potential damage remain unclear.

    The US Embassy in Baghdad is situated within the fortified Green Zone, known for its high security measures. This recent event unfolds amidst a series of more than 70 attacks since mid-October, primarily targeting US forces at military bases in Iraq and Syria. These assaults have been attributed to an umbrella organization of Iraqi Shi’ite Muslim armed groups, although diplomatic missions had, until now, remained unscathed.

    Despite the frequency of attacks on military installations, no group has promptly claimed responsibility for the explosions near the US Embassy on Friday, which occurred at approximately 4 am local time.

    The situation raises concerns about the ongoing security challenges in the region, particularly within the highly guarded Green Zone, and the potential implications for diplomatic missions operating in the area. As investigations into the incident unfold, authorities and embassy officials are expected to provide further details regarding the nature and impact of the reported explosions.

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