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    France PassesImmigration Law: President Macron Calls it a “Shield”


    France Passes Controversial Immigration Law: President Macron Calls it a "Shield"

    French President Emmanuel Macron has lauded a newly approved immigration law as a pivotal measure to fortify the country against illegal immigration while enhancing the integration process for documented arrivals. In a recent address, Macron emphasized the necessity of this legislation, terming it a “shield” in combating unlawful immigration and supporting the assimilation of legal migrants.

    Acknowledging the deep divide the law has caused within his party and prompting the resignation of Health Minister Aurelien Rousseau, Macron stressed the responsibility of governance, underscoring the need to maintain composure and address tensions surrounding the issue.

    The contentious law, subject to 18 months of debate during Macron’s second term, secured approval from both parliamentary chambers on Tuesday, albeit stirring dissent. Marine Le Pen’s far-right National Rally surprisingly backed the bill, a move perceived by some media outlets as unexpected support.

    Responding to Rousseau’s resignation, Macron expressed respect for the decision, also commending coalition deputies who, despite their reservations about certain aspects of the law, supported its passage.

    Denying any ideological alignment between the law and the far-right National Rally, Macron emphasized the necessity of addressing core issues that far-right groups often exploit. He reiterated the importance of tackling these concerns to prevent their exploitation for political gain.

    The legislation’s approval signifies a milestone in France’s efforts to reform its immigration policies, albeit amidst internal contention and diverging political stances.

    The law’s enactment marks a significant shift in France’s approach to immigration, aligning with Macron’s stance on the need for stringent yet inclusive measures to manage migration effectively while confronting the rise of far-right sentiments.

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