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    “Gansu Province in China Faces $75 Million Economic Loss from Earthquake”


    China's Gansu Province Faces $75 Million Economic Loss After Deadly Earthquake

    Following the recent magnitude-6.2 earthquake that struck between China’s Gansu and Qinghai provinces, Gansu has incurred substantial economic damage amounting to 532 million yuan (equivalent to $74.6 million). This devastating earthquake, reported as the deadliest in a decade within the country, has profoundly impacted the region’s agricultural sectors and infrastructure, according to Bloomberg’s report based on the country’s state broadcaster.

    The breakdown of losses in Gansu is staggering, with estimates citing 345 million yuan in damages to animal husbandry and 102 million yuan affecting crop production. The epicentre of the earthquake was situated between Gansu and Qinghai provinces, with a focal depth of 10 kilometres. The seismic activity inflicted widespread destruction in both areas, causing landslides that obliterated highways and rural roads.

    The repercussions were especially felt in Gansu, where a significant number of residences constructed from clay and mud suffered severe damages. Over a hundred individuals lost their lives, while 781 sustained injuries, as per the official Xinhua News Agency’s figures as of the recent update.

    The aftermath of this catastrophic event has seen over 139,000 individuals relocated to emergency shelters across both provinces. The dire situation has also spotlighted Gansu’s precarious position as one of China’s most impoverished provinces, ranked 27th in terms of economic output among the country’s 31 provinces and municipalities in 2022.

    Notably, Gansu’s geographical location, marked by high altitudes and susceptible to seismic activity, has historically placed it in the earthquake-prone zone. Nearly a decade ago in July 2013, the eastern part of Gansu experienced a magnitude 6.6 earthquake, resulting in 95 casualties and leaving a trail of devastation.

    This recent catastrophe serves as a stark reminder of the region’s vulnerability to natural disasters and underscores the immense challenges faced by Gansu as it grapples with the aftermath and rebuilding efforts following this devastating earthquake.

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