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    “Gunman’s Attack on Shiite Mosque in Western Afghanistan: Taliban Reports 6 Worshipers Killed”


    Gunman Attacks Shiite Mosque in Western Afghanistan, Killing 6 Worshippers

    A tragic incident unfolded in western Afghanistan as a gunman entered a Shiite mosque and opened fire, killing six worshippers during prayers. The Taliban, Afghanistan’s ruling faction, reported the attack, which occurred in the Guzara district of Herat province on Monday night.

    Abdul Mateen Qani, a spokesperson for the Taliban Interior Ministry, confirmed the incident on social media, stating that an investigation into the attack was underway. The mosque, known as the Imam Zaman Mosque, was targeted as it served as a place of worship for Afghanistan’s Shiite Muslim minority.

    The assailant, whose identity remains unknown, fled the scene after the attack, leaving one worshipper injured in addition to the fatalities. Among the deceased was the mosque’s imam, according to local media reports.

    Former Afghan President Hamid Karzai condemned the attack, denouncing it as a terrorist act that violated religious and humanitarian principles.

    This tragic event underscores ongoing security challenges in Afghanistan, particularly in areas where minority groups such as Shiite Muslims are targeted. The Islamic State group’s affiliate in Afghanistan has been known to carry out similar attacks on schools, hospitals, mosques, and Shiite communities across the country.

    The Taliban, which seized power in Afghanistan in August 2021, has faced criticism for failing to curb such violence and for its repressive interpretation of Islamic law, reminiscent of their previous rule in the late 1990s. The incident highlights the continued instability and security threats faced by Afghan civilians despite the change in government.

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