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    Hezbollah Deploys Drone Squadron Toward Israeli Military in Unprecedented Move


    Hezbollah Launches Drone Squadron Toward Israeli Military Targets in Unprecedented Move

    In a significant escalation, the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah announced on Monday that it had launched a squadron of drones targeting the headquarters of the Israeli military’s Galilee formation. This marks the first use of a drone squadron by Hezbollah in its ongoing conflict with Israel, which has been intensifying alongside the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

    The Israeli military has not yet commented on the drone attack report. However, sirens blared three times in northern Israel on Monday, signaling possible attacks from Lebanon.

    In a separate statement, the Israeli military confirmed the killing of Ali Hussein Sabra, identified as a military operative in Hezbollah’s Force Build-up Unit. The Israeli forces also reported striking Hezbollah infrastructure, including several military compounds in the Qotrani area of southern Lebanon.

    Hezbollah claimed its drone attack was in retaliation for the killing of one of its members in the southern Lebanese village of Zrariyeh by Israeli forces. The group also reported launching drones towards Liman in northern Israel on Sunday.

    The southern border of Lebanon has witnessed a surge in hostilities recently, with both Israeli and Hezbollah forces targeting locations beyond the immediate border strip. This increase in violence has seen both sides engage with greater intensity.

    On Sunday, Israeli airstrikes resulted in the deaths of two civilian men in the town of Houla, who had remained in the area to tend to their cattle, according to security sources and local residents. Their funerals were held on Monday in Houla.

    Additionally, residents of Beirut reported low-flying Israeli warplanes over the city on Monday, further heightening tensions in the region.

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