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    “Hindu Seer’s Hunger Strike: Ayodhya Procession Denied in Haryana’s Nuh Sparks Standoff”


    Hindu Seer's "Hunger Strike" as Ayodhya Procession Faces Hurdles in Haryana's Nuh

    Tensions flared once again in Haryana’s Nuh district as Hindu seer Jagadguru Paramhans Acharya, hailing from Ayodhya, resorted to an indefinite hunger strike after he and his convoy were barred from entering the area. The unfolding situation revolves around the Vishwa Hindu Parishad’s (VHP) call for a religious procession, known as the “Braj Mandal Jalabhishek Yatra,” despite the Nuh district administration denying them permission. This event marks a month since a prior procession triggered deadly communal conflicts, leaving several people dead.

    Speaking to news agency ANI, Acharya shared the reason behind the procession and his actions, saying, “We had brought the soil of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi and the Jal of Saryu river to pay homage to the Bajrang Dal workers who were killed and were to return after performing Jalabhishek with the Jal of Saryu river. There was a convoy of vehicles and people with me. Upon learning that Section 144 has been imposed, I cut short the convoy.”

    Despite the administration’s denial of permission, the VHP and Bajrang Dal remain resolute in their plan to proceed with the procession. The previous procession on July 31 led to an attack in Nalhar village, resulting in violent communal clashes that spread across Haryana, resulting in the loss of at least six lives.

    Acharya’s hunger strike has been initiated at the Sohna toll plaza, where he is demanding the opportunity to pay homage through the Jalabhishek ritual. He expressed frustration with the authorities’ actions, stating, “The administration has stopped us here, they are not allowing us to move ahead nor they are allowing us to go back. So I am doing fast until death.”

    Raising concerns about perceived religious discrimination, Acharya questioned why such barriers were placed only on Hindus, stating, “It is the last Monday of Savan. We are only asking for permission for a few people to peacefully perform the rituals and return right back. It was a one-minute ritual but they are not letting us move.”

    The district of Nuh is currently under heavy surveillance with drones and over 2,000 Haryana Police personnel deployed, alongside approximately 3,000 central paramilitary forces. Entry and exit points to Nuh have been sealed as a precautionary measure, while internet services, bulk SMSs, schools, colleges, and banks have also been temporarily shut down.

    Haryana’s Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar referred to the previous violence and underscored the government’s responsibility to maintain law and order as the basis for not granting permission for the yatra.

    As tensions escalate and the clash of religious sentiments persists, the situation in Nuh continues to evolve, raising concerns about communal harmony and security within the region.

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