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    Honoring Contributions to Society: Announcing the 1st Edition Winners of the International Tagore Award by DRDC.


    Honoring Contributions to Society: Announcing the 1st Edition Winners of the International Tagore Award by DRDC.

    Prestigious International Tagore Award by DRDC is the Most Prestigious and global award presented by the Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC) to an individual their “outstanding contribution towards Society In their Respective Genres” to promote young learners of the world

    International Tagore Award is a gesture of respect given to an individual to recognise their contribution towards society.

    We are glad to announce the 1st edition winners of International Tagore Literature Award, An Initiative By Dawn Research and Development Council (DRDC)

    International Tagore Literature Award by DRDC (1st Edition)

    International Tagore Award (1st edition)

    1. DR. HEMANT BIRADAR (category- social work)

    2. ADV. MADHAV MEDHEKAR (category- social work)

    3. DR. SATISH PRS (category- Education)

    4. NAVANEETH MURALEEDHARAN (category- Fine Art)

    5. SREERAJ G PAI (category- Education )

    6. JAYANTHI SANKAR (category- literature)

    7. MAGED MAKRAM SHEROUBI BECHET (category- Fine Art)

    8. UTSAV SHAW (category- wildlife photography)

    9. VARSHA SUREKA (category- Visual Art)

    10. RITUPARNA KIRTONIA (category- Fine Art)

    11. DR.PARDEEP KUMAR (category- Education)

    12. VAISHNAVI PHATAK (category- Classical dance )

    13. RUPA TRIVEDI (category- Fine Art)

    14. MANJUNATHA AV (category- Fine Art)

    15. DRHARSHM. JOSHI (category- Literature)

    16. OMKAR SATYENDU RAPATWAR (category- Music)

    17. AMBAREESH KURUGANTI (category- Literature)

    18. SOHINI SAMANTA (category- Painting)

    19. ADITYA NAGRATI (category- Literature)

    20. SMITASHREE BALAJI (category- Painting)

    21. AANJANA SUSEEL (category- Literature)

    22. DR.SUSHAMA. S, CHIRAKKARA (category- Literature)

    23. D. RADHAMANI BHOPAL (category- Literature)

    24. KHODIDAS GOVINDBHAI KUNDARIYA (category- Education)

    25. CHITRA RAMANATHAN (category- Fine Art)

    26. DR. SR. BEENA T L (category- Malyalam Literature)

    27. DAVERA MANOJ KHANNA (category- social work)

    28. DR . BISWARUP KARMAKAR (category- Fine Art)

    29. SABAH ANEES (category- Fine Art)

    30. DR. SHREYASEE KONAR (category- Fine Art)

    31. SHRIDHAR NAIK (category- Literature)

    32. S.S.SANTHOSH KUMAR (category- Education)

    33. DR.ISHAAN TAMHANKAR (category- Teaching)

    34. ARIJIT BASU (category- Literature)

    35. ADARSH K WARMAN (category- Social Work)

    36. FERUSHEYA J JAFLIN (category- Literature)

    37. RAJAT CHANDRA SARMAH (category- Literature)

    38. DR. MANAN VISHVAS DESAI (category- Cartography)

    39. ANMOL MATHUR (category- Visual Art)

    40. DR. VANITHA VAIDIALINGAM (category- Literature)

    41. DR. MONIKA SHARMA (category- Literature)

    42. NEELAM GILDA SONI (category- Literature)

    43. RUCHI SHARMA (category- Literature)

    44. CH MANIKANTA CHAKRAVARTHI (category- Social work)

    45. DR. SREENATH.S (category- Folkloristics)

    46. DHWANI C TRIVEDI (category- Literature)

    47. KANUPRIYA MOHAN (category- Literature)

    48. ANIRBAN DUTTA (category- Literature)

    49. PROFESSOR (DR) RATAN BHATTACHARJEE (category- Literature)

    50. DR RAM KUMAR VARMA DAMMALAPATI (category- Literature)

    51. MR.RAVINDRA ANAND SAPKALE (category- Education)

    52. DR.GITANJALI NAYAK (category- Education)

    53. PROF. DR. RAJIV DUTTA (category- Research and innovation)

    54. ATISH B. PATRE (category- Education)

    55. ANJALI RAJEEV (category- Literature)

    56. DR.K. SREEKUMAR (category- Literature)

    57. DR. ARINDAM MANDAL (category- Literature)

    58. POOJA PANDEY (category- Literature)

    59. GINNUKALA SAHITYA RATNA (category- Literature)

    60. ANJANEE KUMAR SINGH (category- Literature)

    61. AJAY NARAYANAN (category- Malayalam Literature)

    62. NEKA SHAH (category- Literature)

    63. VARSHA SHARMA (category- Education)

    64. SHASHIKANT. H. MASHALKAR (category- Visual Art)

    65. ANTRA (category- Literature)

    We Heartily Congratulate All The Winners & Wish For Their Bright Future.

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