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    “Houthi Attack Kills 3 Crew on Ship in Yemen”


    "Houthi Missile Attack Claims Lives of 3 Crew Members in Fatal Assault on Ship off Yemen"

    In a tragic turn of events, Yemen’s Houthi rebels have struck a commercial vessel, resulting in the loss of at least three crew members’ lives. The ship, identified as the ‘True Confidence,’ faced severe damage after being hit by an anti-ship ballistic missile launched from a Houthi-controlled area in Yemen.

    According to reports from the Associated Press, survivors of the attack were forced to evacuate the vessel as it became engulfed in flames, marking a significant escalation in Houthi assaults on shipping in the Red Sea. The incident follows a pattern of attacks initiated by the Houthis in October, which began shortly after the Israel-Hamas conflict in Gaza.

    The ‘True Confidence,’ a Barbados-flagged and Liberian-owned bulk carrier, suffered considerable damage from the missile strike, leading to a swift evacuation by the crew. Both the US military’s Central Command and the Indian navy were swift to respond, aiding in rescue operations alongside a US warship.

    Reuters reports indicate that the Greek operators of the ‘True Confidence’ described the vessel as adrift and ablaze, with uncertainty surrounding the fate of the 20 crew members and three armed guards onboard. The crew composition included individuals from various nationalities, including Filipinos, Vietnamese, Sri Lankans, Indians, and a Nepali national.

    The Houthis, in a statement reported by Reuters, claimed responsibility for the attack on the ‘True Confidence,’ asserting that it was a direct response to the vessel’s rejection of warning messages from Yemeni naval forces. The group emphasized their support for the Palestinian cause and vowed to continue attacks in the Red Sea until the cessation of Israeli “aggression” and the lifting of the Gaza Strip siege.

    This incident underscores the ongoing tensions in the region, disrupting vital maritime routes connecting Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. Despite international efforts, including US-led airstrikes, Houthi rebels have continued to demonstrate their capability to carry out significant attacks, posing a threat to maritime security in the Red Sea and surrounding waters. The motive behind the targeting of the ‘True Confidence’ remains unclear, raising concerns about the safety of commercial shipping in the region.

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