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    “Houthi Strikes Target Two Ships in Gulf of Aden, US Military Reports”


    US Military Reports Houthi Attacks on Ships in Gulf of Aden

    The US Central Command (CENTCOM) has reported that Yemen’s Houthi rebels have conducted missile attacks on two commercial vessels in the Gulf of Aden within the last 24 hours. These attacks are part of the ongoing campaign by the Iran-backed Houthis against international ocean shipping.

    According to CENTCOM, one of the targeted ships was the Tavvishi, a container ship with a Liberian flag and Swiss ownership. The Houthis struck the Tavvishi with an anti-ship ballistic missile, causing damage to the vessel. Fortunately, no crew members were injured during the attack.

    The second targeted ship was the Norderney, a cargo ship with German ownership operating under Antigua and Barbados flags. The Houthis launched two missiles at the Norderney, resulting in damage to the vessel. However, like the Tavvishi, no crew members were harmed, and the Norderney was able to continue its journey despite the damage.

    This recent series of attacks is not the first by the Houthis on commercial vessels. They have been targeting merchant ships since November, purportedly in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza. Their actions have included sinking one ship, seizing another vessel, and tragically, killing three crew members in a separate attack.

    The consequences of these attacks extend beyond the immediate damage to the targeted ships. They have disrupted global shipping routes, forcing vessels to avoid the nearby Suez Canal and reroute trade around Africa. This disruption has significant economic implications and has raised concerns about the potential spread of conflict and instability in the wider Middle East, particularly amid ongoing tensions such as the Israel-Hamas conflict.

    In response to these attacks, the United States and Britain have conducted strikes against Houthi targets. CENTCOM reported that in addition to the naval attacks, their forces also destroyed an uncrewed aerial system over the Gulf of Aden and neutralized two land attack cruise missiles and a missile launcher in Houthi-controlled areas of Yemen.

    These developments underscore the ongoing challenges and complexities in the region, highlighting the need for continued international efforts to address maritime security and prevent further escalation of conflicts that could impact global trade and stability.

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