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    “IIT Bombay: 85 Students Get ₹1 Crore in Campus Placements”


    IIT Bombay's Phase I Placements See 85 Students Secure ₹1 Crore Packages

    The Indian Institute of Technology Bombay’s (IIT Bombay) Phase I of the 2023-24 placement season concluded with a remarkable achievement as 85 students clinched staggering ₹1 crore packages through campus placements. The institute reported a total of 1,340 offers made by various prominent recruiters, resulting in 1,188 students successfully securing placements by December 20, 2023.

    Top-tier organizations such as Accenture, Airbus, Air India, Apple, Arthur D. Little, Bajaj, Barclays, Cohesity, Da Vinci, DHL, Fullerton, Future First, GE-ITC, Global Energy and Environ, and Google were among the distinguished recruiters that graced the campus during the placement season. IIT Bombay highlighted that 63 international offers, spanning locations in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Netherlands, Singapore, and Hong Kong, were extended to students.

    Emphasizing the diverse sectors witnessing maximum placement offers, IIT Bombay disclosed that students specializing in Engineering & Technology, IT/Software, Finance/Banking/Fintech, Management Consulting, Data Science and Analytics, Research and Development, and Design received the highest number of placement offers.

    In an effort to streamline the placement process and reduce stress on students, the institute strategically scheduled companies, engaging 388 domestic and international organizations. The arrangement aimed to ensure a balanced spread of firms while minimizing cross offers.

    The comprehensive placement statistics revealed that besides the 1,188 students placed, seven students secured positions in Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs). Additionally, the institute facilitated 297 Pre-Placement Offers (PPOs) through internships, with 258 accepted by students.

    IIT Bombay’s remarkable achievement in Phase I of placements not only underscores the caliber of its students but also reflects the continued trust and interest of industry giants in recruiting top talent from the institute. The outstanding ₹1 crore packages obtained by 85 students serve as a testament to the institute’s commitment to nurturing and facilitating exceptional career opportunities for its graduates.

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