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    In Pakistan’s Upcoming General Elections, Hindu Woman Nominates for Historic Run


    In Pakistan's Upcoming General Elections, Hindu Woman Nominates for Historic Run

    As Pakistan gears up for the 2024 General Elections on February 8 to elect members of the 16th National Assembly, a pioneering moment has emerged with a Hindu woman stepping into the political realm.

    In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s Buner district, Saveera Parkash, a member of the Hindu community, has made history by filing her nomination papers for a general seat, as reported by Dawn. Contesting for the general seat of PK-25 in Buner, Parkash’s bid signifies a significant step forward in the political landscape.

    Optimistic about securing candidacy on a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) ticket, Parkash draws inspiration from her father, Oam Parkash, a retired doctor and committed PPP member for over three decades.

    Local politician Saleem Khan, associated with the Qaumi Watan Party, highlighted the significance of Parkash’s nomination, marking her as the first woman from Buner to seek candidacy for the forthcoming elections on a general seat.

    A recent graduate from Abbottabad International Medical College, Parkash currently serves as the general secretary of the PPP women’s wing in Buner. Her focus lies in advocating for women’s rights, ensuring a secure environment, and addressing historical neglect faced by women in the development sector.

    In an interview with Dawn, Parkash echoed her aspirations to serve the underprivileged, following her father’s legacy. Her intent to contest is fueled by her firsthand experiences grappling with inadequacies in government hospitals during her medical career.

    Her nomination resonated beyond political boundaries, earning commendation from Imran Noshad Khan, a prominent social media influencer from Buner. Khan applauded Parkash’s groundbreaking move, underscoring its significance in a region where such strides have been unprecedented.

    Recent amendments by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) require a five percent inclusion of women candidates in general seats, marking a progressive step towards inclusivity in the country’s political landscape.

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