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    “Indian Army Jawan Arrested for False ‘PFI’ Assault Complaint in Kerala”


    Indian Army Jawan Arrested for Allegedly Faking Assault and 'PFI' Writing on Back

    In a surprising turn of events, an Indian Army jawan who had claimed to be the victim of an assault and the writing of ‘PFI’ on his back has been arrested for allegedly making a false complaint about the incident. The soldier, identified as Shine Kumar, is currently posted in the Indian Army’s Electronics and Mechanical Engineers (EME) Corps in Rajasthan.

    The incident had initially gained attention when Kumar alleged that he had been attacked by six unidentified miscreants near his home in a rubber forest in Kerala’s Kollam region. According to his account, the assailants had beaten him and marked ‘PFI’ on his back.

    Kumar’s complaint prompted an investigation by the Kadakkal Police Station, but during the course of their inquiry, authorities began to suspect the authenticity of his claims. Subsequently, it was revealed that the entire incident had been falsely reported.

    According to R Prathapan Nair, Additional Superintendent of Police (Kollam Rural), “On the basis of the investigation, it was revealed that his complaint was false. As a result, he was arrested today, and one of his friends was also taken into custody.”

    Kumar’s friend, who was arrested alongside him, confessed to his involvement in staging the incident. He revealed that Kumar had orchestrated the act because he desired to gain notoriety. The friend further disclosed that he had been asked to write ‘PFI’ on Kumar’s back and simulate an assault.

    “I was drunk, so I initially wrote ‘DFI,’ but he (Kumar) told me to write ‘PFI.’ So, I made it ‘PFI.’ Then he asked me to beat him up, but I declined due to my intoxicated state,” explained the friend. He added that he had been instructed to drag Kumar on the ground, but he couldn’t comply because of his inebriation. “So, he asked me to tape his mouth and hands and then to leave. So I did that,” he concluded.

    Intriguingly, despite the false claims, no marks of injury were discovered on Kumar’s body, casting further doubt on the authenticity of his story.

    The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of thorough investigation and due diligence in evaluating claims, particularly when they involve sensitive matters such as assaults and potential criminal activity.

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