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    “Indian Consulate Provides Support Amid Dubai Floods with Helplines and Guidance”


    Heavy Rain Causes Flooding in Dubai, Indian Consulate Offers Support to Stranded Individuals

    In recent days, heavy rainfall has disrupted normal life in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), particularly in Dubai, leading to widespread flooding and travel disruptions. The Indian consulate in Dubai has stepped in to assist stranded individuals, providing essential helpline numbers and guidance amid the challenging weather conditions.

    The Indian embassy in Dubai, in coordination with UAE authorities, is actively engaged in facilitating the return of stranded Indians in the city. They have been in constant communication with airlines to convey regular updates to travelers affected by flight cancellations and delays due to the inclement weather.

    Helpline numbers such as 971501205172, 971569950590, 971507347676, and 971585754213 have been made available by the Indian consulate for weather-related emergencies. These numbers serve as a crucial lifeline for individuals facing difficulties due to the flooding and its aftermath.

    “We have facilitated connections between stranded passengers and their families in India,” stated the Indian Consulate, emphasizing their commitment to assisting the Indian community in Dubai and the Northern Emirates during this challenging period. The consulate reassured that the helpline numbers would remain operational until normalcy returns, providing ongoing support and assistance.

    The heavy rainfall not only disrupted air travel but also caused significant road closures, detours, and partially submerged streets, leading to severe congestion and challenges for commuters. Dubai International Airport, a major global hub, experienced runway submersion, resulting in the cancellation of flights to various destinations, including India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Kingdom.

    The unprecedented rainfall, described as the heaviest in 75 years of recorded history in the UAE, prompted drastic measures to manage the flooding, including emergency responses and infrastructure adjustments. The situation also highlighted the impact of weather modification techniques like cloud seeding, which played a role in exacerbating the rainfall intensity.

    Despite these challenges, Dubai Airport announced the reopening of check-in procedures at Terminal 3 for Emirates and Flydubai, signaling gradual recovery efforts in the aviation sector.

    The Indian consulate’s proactive measures and support initiatives underscore the importance of diplomatic and community cooperation during natural disasters, ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals affected by adverse weather conditions.

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