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    “Indian Navy Prevents Ship from Missile Strike in Gulf of Aden”


    Indian Navy Thwarts Missile Attack, Rescues Crew in Gulf of Aden

    In a daring rescue operation, the Indian Navy intercepted a Liberian-flagged vessel under missile attack in the volatile waters of the Gulf of Aden. The vessel, carrying 23 crew members, faced imminent danger after being targeted by Houthi militants on Monday evening. Swift action by the Indian Navy’s INS Kolkata averted a potential disaster, showcasing their commitment to maritime security and safeguarding seafarers in perilous regions.

    According to reports, the vessel came under fire approximately 90 nautical miles southeast of Aden, resulting in a blaze on board. The Indian Navy promptly responded to the distress call, with INS Kolkata arriving at the scene by 22:30pm. Equipped with a specialized firefighting team, consisting of 12 personnel, the Indian Navy initiated rescue and firefighting operations in the early morning hours of March 5.

    In a testament to their expertise, the Indian Navy’s firefighting team successfully tackled the flames, ensuring the safety of the vessel and its crew. Additionally, a specialist explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) team was deployed to assess any residual risks posed by the attack.

    The vessel, which had a crew comprising 13 Indians among others, was safely escorted to secure waters by the Indian Navy. The spokesperson of the Indian Navy reiterated the organization’s unwavering commitment to protecting merchant shipping and seafarers navigating through turbulent waters. The relentless efforts of mission-deployed platforms underscored the Indian Navy’s resolve in ensuring the safety and security of maritime activities in the region.

    The attack on the vessel by Houthi militants adds to the escalating tensions in the Gulf of Aden. The Iran-aligned Houthis claimed responsibility for targeting the Liberian-flagged vessel, employing naval missiles in the assault. This incident underscores the persistent threat posed by militant groups operating in the region, jeopardizing maritime trade and stability.

    Despite the attack, initial reports indicate no casualties among the crew members. However, the shipping industry continues to face significant challenges, with vessels forced to divert thousands of miles to avoid conflict zones. The disruptions caused by such attacks have led to soaring freight rates, impacting global trade routes.

    In the face of adversity, the Indian Navy’s swift and decisive action serves as a beacon of hope for seafarers traversing perilous waters. As maritime threats persist, international cooperation and concerted efforts are imperative to ensure the safety and security of maritime activities in vital sea lanes.

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