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    “Indian Navy Successfully Prevents Pirate Attack near Somalia, Rescues 19 Individuals”


    "Indian Navy Thwarts Piracy Attempt off Somalia Coast, Rescues 19 Crew Members"

    In yet another display of maritime prowess, the Indian Navy successfully foiled a piracy attempt on an Iranian-flagged fishing vessel, FV Omaril, off the East coast of Somalia. The incident occurred on January 31, when the Indian Navy’s Rapid Patrol Aircraft (RPA) detected suspicious activity on the vessel and promptly deployed INS Sharda, already engaged in anti-piracy operations.

    According to Commander Vivek Madhwal, the Indian Navy spokesperson, seven pirates had boarded FV Omaril, taking its crew members hostage. INS Sharda, equipped with a helicopter and boats, swiftly intervened, compelling the pirates to release the hostages unharmed.

    The rescue operation resulted in the safe liberation of all 19 crew members, comprising 11 Iranians and eight Pakistanis, along with the fishing vessel. Following the successful mission, INS Sharda conducted a thorough inspection of the vessel to ensure the well-being of the previously held captives.

    Commander Vivek Madhwal stated, “Relentless efforts by Indian Naval platforms, mission deployed for anti-piracy and maritime security operations, continue to save precious life at sea, symbolizing Indian Navy’s resolve towards the safety of all vessels and seafarers.”

    This recent success adds to the Indian Navy’s track record of extending assistance to merchant vessels in the Arabian Sea amidst escalating concerns over Houthi militants targeting ships in the Red Sea and surrounding areas. The Navy has responded by reinforcing its deployment of ships and aerial surveillance in the central Arabian Sea and off the east coast of Somalia to ensure maritime security in the region.

    Minister of State for Defence Ajay Bhatt emphasized on Friday that Indian Navy units are strategically positioned in Djibouti, Gulf of Aden, and the North Arabian Sea to provide security to merchant vessels. The enhanced presence of ships and aerial surveillance reflects India’s commitment to restoring and maintaining maritime security in crucial maritime routes.

    The successful rescue operation not only safeguards the lives of the crew members but also underscores the Indian Navy’s dedication to combatting piracy and ensuring the safety of maritime activities in the strategically significant waters off the East coast of Somalia.

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