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    Indian-Origin Princeton Student Arrested During Anti-Israel Protests


    Indian-Origin Princeton Student Arrested During Anti-Israel Protests

    Achinthya Sivalingan, a Tamil Nadu-born student at Princeton University in the US, has been arrested alongside another student, Hassan Sayed, during pro-Palestine demonstrations on campus. The arrests came after protesters set up tents in a university courtyard early Thursday morning, violating university policy.

    Sivalingan, a Masters student in Public Affairs in International Development, and Sayed, a PhD candidate, were arrested for trespassing and have been immediately barred from the campus. However, they have not been evicted and are allowed to stay in their university-owned housing.

    University spokesperson Jennifer Morrill stated that the students had received repeated warnings from the Department of Public Safety to cease their activities and leave the area. As a result of their arrest, they now face disciplinary action.

    Contrary to claims of forceful arrests, the university clarified that the officers did not use any force during the arrests, which were made without resistance. This clarification came in response to allegations of the students being zip-tied around their wrists during the arrest.

    The protests at Princeton University are part of a larger wave of pro-Palestine demonstrations that have spread across top US universities. These protests, initially sparked at Columbia University in New York, have seen thousands of students advocating for divestment from companies profiting from the Gaza conflict and calling for an immediate ceasefire.

    The demonstrations have involved students, faculty, community members, and outsiders, with organizers highlighting the need for universities to take a stand on the ongoing crisis in Gaza. The protests have been characterized by calls for solidarity with Palestine and condemnation of Israeli military actions resulting in deaths in Gaza.

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