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    “Indian Residents in Taiwan Reflect on Most Powerful Earthquake in 25 Years”


    Indians in Taiwan Share Terrifying Experiences After Strongest Quake in 25 Years

    The recent earthquake in Taiwan, reported as the country’s most severe in the last 25 years, has left a deep impact on residents and expatriates alike. The quake, which struck on Wednesday, resulted in the tragic loss of 10 lives, with over 1,067 individuals sustaining injuries and more than 600 others trapped in various locations.

    Among those affected were two Indians who were initially reported missing but were later found outside in Tarako National Park, unable to travel due to blocked roads caused by the quake. They eventually reached safety at a hotel around midnight, as confirmed by an official from the India Taipei Association (ITA).

    One Indian-origin PhD student, Rageshnath, studying in Taiwan’s Hualien, a heavily impacted area, shared his harrowing experience. He described feeling like it was his last day as the earthquake struck while he was in his college’s physics lab. Rageshnath recounted the chaos and panic as a fire broke out due to a short circuit or chemical spillage, further adding to the devastation caused by the quake.

    The earthquake, which reached a magnitude of 7.2, resulted in significant damages in several cities, including Hualien and Taipei. Rageshnath highlighted the loss of data and research work in the lab, reflecting the broader impact on academic institutions and scientific endeavors.

    Stanislaus Irudayaselvam, a Catholic priest and professor in Taiwan, expressed shock at the earthquake’s intensity, noting its duration of over a minute. He described the situation in Hualien as dire, with disruptions in transportation, infrastructure damage, and ongoing rescue efforts.

    Girish Hiranandani, an Indian expatriate in Taipei, drew parallels to the devastating 1999 earthquake, emphasizing the improvements in infrastructure and response mechanisms since then. He mentioned disruptions in train services and landslides causing traffic disruptions, highlighting the challenges faced in affected areas.

    Despite the challenges, efforts are underway to assist affected individuals, with the India Taipei Association issuing helpline numbers and advisories for Indian nationals in Taiwan. The association urged everyone to follow local authorities’ advisories and stay safe during this challenging time.

    While Taiwan is known for its preparedness for earthquakes, the recent event serves as a reminder of the unpredictable nature of natural disasters and the resilience required to overcome them. As the recovery and rebuilding process begins, communities in Taiwan and around the world stand in solidarity, offering support and assistance to those affected by this tragic event.

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