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    “Indian Student Arrested for Faking Father’s Death to Secure US Scholarship”


    Indian Student Deported After Faking Father's Death for US Scholarship

    An Indian student’s fraudulent actions to secure a full scholarship at a US university have led to his arrest and subsequent deportation after authorities uncovered his elaborate deception.

    Aryan Anand, a student enrolled at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, was apprehended for fabricating documents that falsely claimed his father had passed away, among other fraudulent maneuvers. Anand’s scheme came to light when a Reddit moderator flagged his boastful confession, where he admitted to building his academic career on a foundation of lies.

    According to reports, Anand confessed to falsifying his class 10 board exam results and manipulating documents such as transcripts and essays to secure admission with a full scholarship to Lehigh University. His audacious plan even included forging his father’s death certificate, despite his father being alive.

    The gravity of Anand’s actions led to potential felony charges, including forgery and theft of services, which could have resulted in a lengthy prison sentence. However, at the request of university officials and following a thorough investigation, Anand was expelled from Lehigh University and deported to India.

    In response to the incident, Lehigh University issued a statement expressing appreciation for the report that exposed Anand’s deception. “We commend the thorough investigation that brought this matter to light,” the university stated.

    Michael Weinert, Assistant District Attorney of Northampton County, praised the collaboration between authorities and the university in uncovering the truth. “The investigation posed challenges, but Lehigh University and their police force demonstrated exceptional diligence in verifying the facts,” Weinert commented, as reported by 6ABC.

    The case underscores the importance of academic integrity and the consequences of fraudulent practices in higher education. Authorities continue to monitor such incidents closely to safeguard the integrity of educational institutions and ensure fair opportunities for all students.

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