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    Indian Worker Dies in Italy After Farm Accident, Ignites Outrage


    Indian Worker Dies in Italy After Farm Accident, Ignites Outrage

    A tragic incident in Italy has sparked outrage and condemnation after an Indian farm laborer, Satnam Singh, died from injuries sustained in a farm accident. The incident, labeled as an “act of barbarity” by authorities, has highlighted concerns over the treatment of migrant workers and workplace safety in rural areas.

    Satnam Singh, aged 30 or 31 and working without legal documentation, was severely injured on Monday while working on a farm in Latina, a rural region south of Rome known for its significant Indian migrant worker population. Reports indicate that Singh’s arm was severed in a machinery accident while he was cutting hay.

    Labour Minister Marina Calderone expressed shock and condemnation, describing the incident as a true act of barbarity. Singh was allegedly abandoned in critical condition after the accident, leading to his tragic death on Wednesday despite efforts to transport him to a hospital in Rome.

    The Flai CGIL trade union described the situation as akin to a “horror film,” stating that instead of receiving immediate assistance from his employers, Singh was left by the roadside near his residence. Authorities were alerted by Singh’s wife and friends, prompting an air ambulance dispatch to the scene.

    Investigations are underway to determine the circumstances of the incident, with authorities expressing hope for swift justice against those responsible for Singh’s mistreatment and neglect.

    The incident has drawn widespread condemnation, with the center-left Democratic Party denouncing it as a “defeat for civilization.” The party emphasized the ongoing struggle for fair and humane working conditions, particularly in areas known for labor exploitation and migrant worker vulnerabilities.

    As calls for justice and improved workplace safety resonate, the tragic death of Satnam Singh serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by migrant workers and the urgent need for comprehensive measures to protect their rights and well-being.

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