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    ISIS Prisoners Take Prison Guards Hostage in Southern Russia


    In a concerning development, Islamic State (ISIS) inmates in a detention center in Rostov, southern Russia, have taken two prison officers hostage. The incident unfolded at detention center Number One in the Rostov region, according to a statement released by the prison services.

    The prison services confirmed that the ISIS prisoners seized the two prison officers, although the exact circumstances leading to the hostage-taking were not immediately disclosed. The situation has raised alarm and prompted a response from authorities to resolve the crisis.

    Further details about the hostage situation, including the demands of the ISIS inmates and the condition of the hostages, have not been made public at this time. Authorities are likely engaged in negotiations and efforts to ensure the safety of the captured prison officers.

    The incident underscores the ongoing challenges and risks associated with managing high-security detainees, particularly those affiliated with extremist groups like ISIS. It also highlights the need for robust security measures and swift response protocols in detention facilities to prevent such incidents and protect personnel.

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