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    Israel Reports Eliminating Over 100 Hamas Fighters and Destroying Six Tunnels in Gaza’s Shejaya


    Israel Reports Over 100 Hamas Terrorists Killed, Six Tunnels Destroyed in Gaza's Shejaya

    The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) have announced the elimination of over 150 Hamas terrorists and the destruction of six significant tunnels in the Shejaya area of northern Gaza. The operations, involving the Paratroopers Brigade and Yahalom, an elite combat engineering unit, have been ongoing since June 27.

    The IDF reported that the soldiers have been engaged in intense combat both above and below ground. The operations have involved close-quarters combat, the destruction of booby-trapped buildings, and the seizure of weapons and intelligence documents.

    In addition to neutralizing the threats above ground, the IDF has destroyed six substantial tunnels, spanning approximately six kilometers in total. These tunnels, used by Hamas for various operations, contained hideouts, command and control centers, as well as additional weapons and intelligence materials.

    This military action follows the deadly attacks by Hamas on October 7, which resulted in the deaths of at least 1,200 people and the kidnapping of 252 Israelis and foreigners near the Gaza border. Of the 116 remaining hostages, more than 30 are believed to have been killed.

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