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    “Israeli Drone Attack Claims Lives of 3 Hezbollah Operatives in Lebanese Village: Sources”


    Israeli Airstrike Kills Three Hezbollah Members in Lebanese Village

    In a recent escalation of tensions along the Lebanon-Israel border, three Hezbollah members were killed in an Israeli airstrike targeting the southeast village of Houla. According to reports from Lebanese military sources, an Israeli drone fired four air-to-surface missiles at a two-story building in Houla, resulting in the casualties and severe damage to nearby residences.

    The incident, which occurred on Sunday, marks a significant flare-up in hostilities between Israel and Hezbollah. Israeli forces reportedly conducted multiple airstrikes, targeting villages including Taybeh, Rab El Thalathine, and Houla, and firing approximately 40 artillery shells across several towns and villages in eastern and central Lebanon.

    Hezbollah, in response to the airstrikes, announced retaliatory attacks on Israeli positions in Misqav Am, al-Motella, and Al-Alam. The exchange of fire follows heightened tensions since October 8, 2023, when Hezbollah launched rockets into Israel in solidarity with Hamas, which had initiated an attack on Israeli territory the previous day.

    Since the onset of these hostilities, casualties have mounted on both sides of the border. According to reports from Lebanese security and medical sources, a total of 553 people have lost their lives, including 356 Hezbollah members and 100 civilians.

    The situation remains fluid and continues to develop as both sides engage in retaliatory measures. International calls for de-escalation and dialogue to prevent further casualties and widespread conflict have been emphasized amid the ongoing violence.

    Sources By Agencies

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