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    Israeli Strike in West Bank Kills 14, Palestinian Red Crescent Reports


    Israeli Strike in West Bank Kills 14, Palestinian Red Crescent Reports

    In a tragic incident, at least 14 people were killed in an Israeli strike on Nur Shams refugee camp in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent. The strike, which occurred during an Israeli military operation that started on Thursday, resulted in 10 militants being killed, as confirmed by the Israeli army.

    Reports from AFP journalists on the ground described scenes of devastation, with bodies in the streets and houses damaged by blasts. Israeli drones were observed overhead, and armored vehicles were seen moving through the camp.

    The escalating violence in the West Bank, an area occupied by Israel since 1967, has been particularly intense since the outbreak of war in Gaza on October 7. The Palestinian Red Crescent stated that they had evacuated 14 casualties from Nur Shams camp to the hospital.

    The Palestinian health ministry reported 11 injuries from the Israeli raid, with seven individuals wounded by live gunfire. Among the injured was a paramedic who was shot while attempting to reach wounded individuals.

    Efforts to tend to the wounded were hindered as medics were denied access to the camp by the Israeli army. Gunfire was heard during these attempts, and door-to-door raids were conducted by soldiers.

    In related incidents, a 16-year-old was reported killed in the nearby Tulkarem refugee camp, allegedly by Israeli troops. Another man was reported killed in Nur Shams camp.

    The situation in Nur Shams camp has worsened, with residents facing power cuts and shortages of essential supplies. Minister Muayad Shaaban highlighted the destruction of infrastructure, including homes, shops, electricity, sewerage, and water networks, exacerbating the suffering of residents.

    The West Bank has witnessed significant violence during the Gaza war, with hundreds of Palestinian casualties. The presence of Israeli settlers in the region, considered illegal under international law, adds to the complexity of the situation.

    In a separate but related incident, an ambulance driver was killed during clashes between settlers and Palestinians in the West Bank village As-Sawiya. The Palestine Red Crescent reported that the paramedic was shot while treating the injured, with conflicting reports on whether Israeli soldiers or settlers were responsible.

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