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    “Israeli Video Reveals Hamas Weapons Stored in Gaza Hospital MRI Area”


    "Israeli Video Reveals Hamas Weapons Stored in Gaza Hospital MRI Area"

    The Israeli Defence Force (IDF) has released a video alleging that Hamas is using hospitals, including the MRI building at Al-Shifa Hospital, as operational headquarters and weapon storage for its militant activities. The IDF claimed to have found evidence of weapons, including an AK-47, cartridges, and a grenade, inside the hospital premises.

    According to the IDF’s claims, Hamas is utilizing hospitals for military purposes, a violation of international law. Jonathan Conricus, an IDF spokesperson, highlighted this issue while inside the hospital, emphasizing that such weaponry has no place within medical facilities and accused Hamas of using hospitals and ambulances for illicit military activities.

    This development comes amid ongoing tensions between Israel and Hamas, with both sides accusing each other of engaging in a “propaganda war.” Misinformation and manipulated content have circulated on social media, complicating the narrative surrounding the conflict. Recently, the IDF released a video suggesting that Hamas had a tunnel leading to Gaza’s Rantsi hospital, a claim refuted by fact-checkers who identified the inscriptions as simply the days of the week in Arabic script.

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